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Monday, September 05, 2016

Melaye wants to sack Economic Team over worsening recession

The Senator, representing the people of Kogi State West Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Otunba Dino Melaye has demanded the sacking of the Economic Team, reports ITRealms.
Speaking on Sunday in Abuja through a press statement personally signed, Senator Melaye expressed concern over the economic recession with a call on President Muhammadu Buhari to reconstitute a new team.

Among the economic team he suggested that should be sacked include the Ministers of Finance, Kemi Adeosun; Budget and National Planning, Udoma Udo Udoma and Governor of the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele. 

Melaye, chairman, Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Founder of Anti-Corruption Network, tabled the demands in a statement entitled: "Buhari-The barking is over, it's time to bite", expressed worry by the poor state of the economy which has brought unprecedented hardship and hunger on the masses of the Nigerian people, stressing that sacking the economic team would be the only solution to reboot the ailing economy.

Melaye accused most members of the President's cabinet of gross incompetence, inexcusable ineptitude and a distressing lack of capacity to deliver on the mandate of their ministries/agencies, adding Buhari must shake up his cabinet.

"At the moment, it must be crystal clear to all discerning minds that the President's widely-acclaimed magical body language has lost its presumed aura and efficacy. His no-nonsense demeanor is equally neither instilling fear nor commanding respect and loyalty from amongst his cabinet members. It is therefore obvious that the time for barking is over, now is the time to bite and boot out all those who have demonstrated, in the past several months, a crass lack of capacity to effectively carry out the functions of their office.

"The Finance Minister has not only displayed gross incompetence on the Job, she also lacks the basic and rudimentary grasp of economic fundamentals necessary to run a critical sector of the Nigerian economy like the Finance Ministry. It is time for her to go now and pave way for a qualified and experienced person to steer the Nigerian economy away from the dark woods it has sunk presently under her stewardship".

"To be sure, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma is a very charismatic man, an accomplished lawyer, and a quintessential gentleman with a fairly untainted reputation. In everyday parlance, he is a good man. But the critical job of Budget and National Planning Minister for a huge country like Nigeria, with her prevailing economic challenges requires much more than being a good man with a great personality.

"It is for someone with the relevant qualification, professional knowledge and experience in public sector finance, development economics, strategic thinking, budgetary planning and management. As a lawyer, accomplished in this field as he is, Udoma's appointment to that position is nepotism taken to very ridiculous heights; and a classic case of putting round pegs in square holes-it will, and can never fit. It is akin to saddling a carpenter with a tailor's responsibility.

"The outcome under the circumstances, as has become evidently clear, is bound to be catastrophic for the economy. President Buhari must therefore do the needful now by relieving Udoma of this huge burden that is constituting a clog to the revival of the Nigerian economy,” he said.

Melaye also regretted Emefiele's disastrous handling and release of the so-called Dasuki-gate funds which amounts to about 15 per cent of the nation's foreign reserves.
He equally accused the CBN Governor of policy flip-flops, summersaults and inconsistencies as clear evidence of gross incompetence in the management of the nation's fiscal and monetary policies.

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