Saturday, August 01, 2015

Woman delivers child after 4years pregnancy

 A woman,Nkechi Muojike, alias Mama four years has testified that she delivered a bouncing baby boy after carrying her pregnancy for four years, reports ITRealms.

She said this while glorifying God in the presence of a teeming congregation on Saturday, at the 3rd anniversary celebration of the Mercy of God Covenant Prayer Ministry in Aguda, Lagos, saying that her case defied solutions until she met Prophetess Orjiugo Onyekwere who called God on her behalf for safe delivery.

She said her ordeal began six months into her pregnancy when a scorpion bite her on the belly while she was sleeping and from that point on, the pregnancy began to diminish until it finally vanished.

The woman who is now a proud mother of a two and half years old boy,ITRealms gathered, said it was a harrowing experience for her as hospital after hospital with their scans could not trace any living fetus in her tummy. She said, however, that she was not deterred by doctors’ reports because she steadily felt movement of the child in her back and immediately she came to the Mercy of God Covenant Prayer Ministry, the child whom she has already named Chiziterem meaning ‘I’m sent by God’, was repositioned and delivered safely.

Another testimony came from Comrade Chinedu Agina who said that the ministry delivered 
him from “wicked landlords who made themselves pharaoh and took me to court without my knowledge until the prophetess revealed my case”. He said they did not end there rather “they inflicted me with a strange sickness called elephantiasis but I was healed by God through the prophetess and today I can wear my shoes” adding that he has sworn to announce the woman of God to the world.

In an exclusive interview with ITRealms, Prophetess Orjiugo Onyekwere,the Founder of the Ministry, said that her ministry is purely a prophetic ministry while explaining what made her ministry different from others. Onyekwere emphasized that she always obey the voice of God, that once you obey the voice of God you will not make mistake, even as she prophesied that the insurgency currently terrifying the northeast part of the country must end before this time next year.

She said that women come to the ministry and get children and singles find their partners, adding that as a prophetic and deliverance ministry she works according to the direction of the holy spirit, saying that she also administers medication to people where necessary.
The message of the day, ‘Divine Open Door’ was delivered by Evangelist Okechukwu Elisha Divine who said that God is God of principle and order stressing that once you are with Jesus Chris, He will trouble your enemies and settle you  with the right key to multiple blessings.

Highlights of the ceremony, ITRealms reports, included cutting of anniversary cake, divine gift from prophetess Orjiugo Onyekwere, drama and recitation of bible verses and unveiling of the ministry’s almanac.

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