Friday, August 07, 2015

Digital Direct grows portfolio with iPowerPlus


Leading Information and Communication Technology company, the DigitalDirect is growing its visibility with introduction of iPowerPlus, a smart, efficient range of alternative power solutions into the Nigerian market, reports ITRealms.

Managing Director, Digital Direct, Mr. Tolu Ijogun told ITRealms that the addition of the alternative power solutions range to its wide array of products and services was borne out of the desire to offer Nigerians a genuine, cost-effective option to the challenges of incessant power supply which has severely hampered many businesses and households in the country.  

According to him, the introduction of iPowerPlus is in line with the company’s mission of constant innovation in the delivery of world class ICT products and solutions which directly addresses clients’ business needs and requirements.

“At Digital Direct, our finger is constantly on the handle of innovation. We have a track record of delivering products and solutions guaranteed to add value and provide true bottom-line results and measurable benefits to all clients. It is in view of this that we have expanded our offerings with the introduction of iPowerPlus,” he said.

Ijogun also said that iPowerPlus is an efficient, pocket-friendly and environmentally-conscious energy solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and households in Nigeria.
“It is a product of years of extensive research into the peculiarities of energy supply and consumption in the country and is widely seen as a reliable solution for Nigerian homes and offices,” he said.

In addition, Ijogun noting that fluctuations in electricity supply has held back the nation’s economic growth by hampering the activities of SMEs and households in the informal sector, Mr. Ijogun affirmed that for Nigeria to harness the benefits of its booming economic potential; the role of stable, affordable and reliable electricity supply through sound alternative channels is a major requirement.

Nigeria’s electricity supply currently fluctuates between 4,000 to 4,500 megawatts.

“With iPowerPlus, many businesses and households can have access to steady power supply at a cost which makes sense. What is the benefit of paying huge monthly fees for non-existent or at best erratic supply when one can have constant power for a fraction of the cost,” he queried.

iPowerPlus is a hybrid pure sine wave inverter system with an in-built technology that connects both the solar system and utility electricity which  has gained wide popularity in the country, having already being installed in over 1,761 institutions nationwide as well as other choice residential locations in the country.

“We have partnered with leading power solutions companies in Germany and Asia as well as renowned local brands to make iPowerPlus available. Bear in mind that these solutions provide enough power to runs homes and offices 24 hours a day. We are looking at a compact solution that powers a home or office independently with its solar panels or interfaces with utility electricity and seamlessly resolves the common power interruptions in Nigeria.

More importantly, iPowerPlus comes with certified guarantee and one-year warranty which ensures that the client gets value for money spent. Furthermore, we will provide core after-sales support through Direct Care with our team of certified on-site engineers. Hence, every client is assured peace of mind and confidence, knowing that our relationship with them does not just end when the sale is closed,” he concluded.

With a legacy of delivering a wide range and multiplicity of projects, Digital Direct has grown in stature as an industry leading provider of ICT products and services for business organizations in various sectors as well as Small and Medium Enterprises.

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