Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Twitter aids Vester Flanagan’s arrest, after killing 2 WDBJ journalists on set

Investigations have revealed that Twitter aided the location and arrest of a disgruntled ex-staff of WDBJ.7, Mr. Vester Flanagan alias Bryce Williams, who Wednesday morning in the city of Virginia, United States shot dead a television reporter, Ms Alison Parker and her camera man, Mr. Adam Ward on set, during an interview with a guest, ITRealms reports.

ITRealmss gathered that Flanagan’s arrest was tracked on the messages he posted on Twitter, which was used to track his location and Troopers were deployed at the Inter 66.

The guest, according to CNN report monitored in Lagos by ITRealms is a female Executive Director of the Local Chamber of Commerce, who is recovering from non-life threatening injuries sustained during the attack.

The attacker, who later died in the afternoon following injuries he sustained from self-shot sequel to his stopping up at the airport and hiring another vehicle for his escape.

Mr. Flanagan also complained in a 23-page fax message to ABS News claiming racial discrimination against him.

He equally called the ABS News after the shooting and uploading self-recorded shooting.

Although the gunman claimed on his Twitter account that Alison had previously made statements on racism while Adam purportedly reported him to Human Resources during his days with WDBJ.7, which analyst suspect may have led to his dismissal from the organization.

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