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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Jegede highlights merits of aerial optic fibre network

Chief Executive Officer, Phase3 Telecom, Mr. Stanley Jegede, has highlighted aerial optic fibre network as the most reliable means of carrying communications traffic in the world today.

He said this is more so, where the environmental and man-made challenges are more precarious.

Jegede, who spoke last weekend in Lagos, noted that communications system, which is based on optic fiber cables running along electric power transmission lines, provides many advantages over the traditional underground cable system.

He explained that with the current challenges facing the deployment and use of underground optic fiber cables especially right of way issues, persistent vandalism and ecological problems, aerial optic fiber systems offer some form of immunity against these problems.

He pointed out that its now in public domain that putting cables underground is one of the most difficult challenges that telecom firms face today especially with companies often being held to ransom by communities and other people over right of way.

“Besides erosion that sometimes leaves underground cables exposed, there has been persistent vandalism and theft of underground cables all over the country, which often cuts off communications and could take a bit of time to identify and repair.
These are some problems that aerial system quickly helps operators to overcome” Jegede said.

He also said that given the challenges facing the sub region which is still high in terms of lack of road and building infrastructure, that lead to very frequent cutting of underground cables, this situation, underscores the need for a backup network.

He stressed that is where the Phase3 aerial optic fiber network comes in handy as high tension networks often have dedicated routes by law.

As said by him, with this situation many operators have seen the need to embrace aerial optic fiber use, as it provides a huge relief for them whenever the underground optic fiber fails.

“In Nigeria today all the operators including those that have their own transmission networks have embraced Phase-3’s aerial optic services especially after they have seen the advantages that it offers them. We believe that even for those that may already have excess capacity, aerial optic fibre provides a very reliable backup and alternative.

In addition, he said that there are certain areas of coverage of the Phase3 aerial optic fibre system which other terrestrial network are not designed to reach currently due to the countries road and highway network.

Besides, Jegede noted that most optic fiber cables follow the same predictable route, meaning that they are all likely to be affected at the same time in the event of anything catastrophic happening; such as fire, road construction and vandalism.

He maintained that this, clearly defines an obvious need for a reliable alternative to the underground fiber that is used by operators.

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