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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Netsize launches Payforit in UK

The Payforit Accredited Payment Intermediary in the United Kingdom, Netsize, has launched an offer which affords merchants a full implementation of the Payforit version 3 payment scheme.

The Netsize mPayment enables Payforit on web, Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) and web lite transactions.

A press statement made available to ITRealms Online informed that for the first time, UK consumers would have a simple, straightforward and trustworthy route to buy digital as well as physical goods and services.

Chief Executive Officer, Netsize, Stanislas Chesnais, said, consumers could make transactions online and via WAP using any mobile phone.

Merchants benefit via a simplified route to market that accelerates Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

He explained that Payforit v3 offers trust, convenience and ease of use and is supported by all mobile network operators in the UK.

“Payforit enables consumers to make online purchases from their PC or mobile phone and securely charge the payment amounts to their phone bill. Payforit v3 supports payments from all mobile devices, including WiFi-connected phones,” Netsize boss said.

Equally, he said, Netsize mPayment enables Payforit on Web, WAP and Web Lite transactions and also supports single click purchases and subscription services billing with Payforit.

“Netsize mPayment with Payforit v3 provides merchants with a ‘country on a plate’” Chesnais said, noting that now merchants could easily start with mobile payments in the UK and focus on promoting their offer, while mPayment with Payforit handles the technical complexities and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

Emphasizing that mPayment with Payforit offers merchants increased pricing flexibility, thus the easy check-out process significantly improves the rate of successful transactions.

“The number of clicks and keystrokes needed to make a payment is reduced by more than 50 percent compared to credit cards,” Chesnais declared.

As SMS payment for web based transactions is now not allowed in the UK cross-network, Payforit v3 is the single mobile payment alternative available to merchants, offering a superior user experience.

“For the first time, merchants can take advantage of a mobile payment product in the UK that is secure, easy to use and offers payout rates similar to cards. mPayment with Payforit v3 enables them to do business online with consumers who have no credit card, debit card or PayPal account,” Stanislas Chesnais adds. “Payforit v3 has the potential to expand the UK market. It marks an important step towards an m-commerce economy.”

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