Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Zain boosts S/Eastern with fixed phones

In its bid to continuously improve the reach on the network, Zain Nigeria has launched its fixed phone line services in the South Eastern part of the country, thereby offering them more opportunities.

Chief Marketing Officer, Zain Nigeria, Mr. Normal Moyo, said at the launch that it would provide people in the region, especially students, rural dwellers, hospital attendants, and others, the chance to communicate particularly in places where access to telephone is restricted, irrespective of their level of income, age, status and location.

As stated by him, the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)-based fixed phones are wireless devices or terminals which make telecommunication services available 24/7 without requiring human or control and the use of mobile handset.

Moyo also said at the ceremony held in Enugu, capital of Enugu State, recently that the service would help to eliminate barriers to communication such as high cost of handset (phones) and restriction in access to phones in certain areas.

The company’s Fixed Phones, he explained, provide affordable telecommunication services nationwide round the clock when the deployment is complete and would empower many Nigerians, especially those who cannot afford handset or cannot make calls because of current barriers such as lack of access to phone service or coverage problem and restriction in the use of phones.

Zain Nigeria is determined to make telecommunications services available, accessible and affordable to all Nigerians, and create an environment that will enable Nigerians especially the youths realize their full potentials regardless of their income level or location,” he said, emphasizing that the service is very flexible and easy to use.

Users can send and receive SMS, retrieve voicemails, check credit balance, and send “credit me” or “Call Me Back” (Value Added Service or SMS service from Zain) and make and receive calls, by inserting a special SIM card into the device using the terminal,” he said.

The deployment of Fixed Phones by Zain in the region, Moyo noted, covers six States, including Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo, Abia and Cross Rivers States.
These States, he said, are categorized as South East Region under Zain network’s geographical coverage classification.

A press statement from Zain endorsed by the Public Relations Manager, Mr. Emmanuel Otokhine, also saw the operator recently, extending its Fixed Phone rollout to the North Central Region.

He pointed out that the company initially commissioned the service in April this year in the South West Region of the country, thus becoming the first company to introduce GSM unmanned Phones or Fixed Phones in Nigeria.

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