Wednesday, October 01, 2008

CNP unveils Digital democracy in 3 cities

Computerize Nigeria Project (CNP), an initiative of Zinox Technologies Limited, has launched its latest project, the Digital Knowledge Democracy (DKD) in three cities, namely Abuja, Enugu and Lagos.

Also unveiled were sets of windable Freeplay educational projects including touch, radio and table lamp as well as Classmate laptop from Intel.

According to the Chairman of Zinox, Chief Leo Stan Ekeh, DKD is a huge independence anniversary gift to Nigerians from his firm and a solution-filled package designed to meet every Information Technology (IT) consumer at his or her point of need.

Chief Ekeh who unveiled DKD at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, also said it’s a bold-hearted bouquet that recognizes and seeks to enhance the pace of IT penetration in the country.

“It is an effort to guide Nigerian citizens, corporate and individual, through the network of technology, and ensure that they choose and buy only what is right for their situation,” he said, adding that the simultaneous launch took place at
Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Adeyemi-Bero Auditorium, Alausa, Lagos, and Zodiac Hotel, Enugu.

Ekeh further said that the pace of change in technology is very fast and could be confusing to the consumer, explaining that the DKD professionally analyses the needs of the consumer and makes sustainable prescriptions that are affordable with flexible payment terms.

The first phase of DKD entitled e-School Project, he said, comes on the heels of the nation’s 48th independence anniversary, to draw attention to the choices embedded in the package designed to help schools to attain world-class standards without the usual financial stress.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure like computer laboratory, digital library, website domain, school portals and the Zinox wireless cloud are offered with tangible incentives that include free training, free website designs, free e-mail for senior staff and free internet access up to 1 kilometre (km) radius.

Also, he explained that the e-School project offers a staff computerization and a students’ computer ownership schemes respectively. Stressing that one of the novel additions to this offer was the Zinox Wireless Cloud, which provides internet connectivity up to 1 km radius thus injecting hyper-activity into the environment.
Performing the launch of e-School project in Lagos and Enugu, the chief executive officer, Computerize Nigeria Project (CNP), Mrs. Vivian Abii, enlightened that the project was another testimony of the commitment of the organization, to IT penetration in Nigeria.

Mrs. Abii noted that no IT company has invested on marketing themes and schemes as much as the CNP, resulting in the provision of, most times, discounted and subsidized systems to consumers.

She further said that the e-School project was a special anniversary gift for educational institutions, at primary and post-primary, urging schools to take advantage of the e-School bouquet of benefits.

She singled out the ZX Portal which opened the way for a range of online student teacher interactions from admissions, to lectures, to school administration, to intra and inter campus connectivity, revealing that the first point of contact for international and other assessor agencies is the school‘s website and the CNP would completely take the website design off the schools.

Mrs. Abii emphasized that free training is a major benefit of the e-School Project.
In Enugu, Mrs. Abii informed that state officials and stakeholders in education that the huge ICT opportunities embedded in DKD would not be exclusive to schools alone as state and local governments, churches, hospitals, estates, office complexes, sports facilities and so on, could take advantage of this bold strategy to enhance productivity and bring about real development in the country.

The Computerize Nigeria was set up in 2001 by the board of Zinox Technologies Limited to catalyze the adoption of the computer as a major tool of work and play.

The CNP has remained in the forefront of ICT penetration in Nigeria; donating laboratories to many schools, obtaining subsidies and passing same to consumers as discounts, working assiduously to change the face of education in Nigeria through the CNP partnership with the Federal Government.

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