Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joke Silva excites MTN Project Fame academy

As MTN Project Fame finally enters a crucial stage with the 15 students, the academy was excited when Mrs. Joke Silva was introduced as the principal.

For the purposes of the academy, the principal is that almighty character whose voice is final on any issue. In most cases they are conservative, and strict disciplinarians.

ITRealms Online recalls that when Joke and husband, Olu Jacobs were acting, Nollywood was not in the script yet but it is to their credit that they were able to transform and remained the dream couple of the industry.

Describing herself for the purpose of her new assignment, Joke “confessed a person who likes to see new talents emerge, grow and explode.”

She counseled the students to do their best, but to remember that at the end of the day, it is just a competition.

The students in the academy came from various backgrounds across the West Africa nations.

At the academy, resident in Lagos, they would learn to live with each other, imbibe the spirit of competition but above all be taught by some of the best music teachers and producers.

This is the reason the organisers are saying there will be no loser in the entire competition.

Although overall winners will go home with various prizes, including SUVs to cash running into millions, by merely taking part in the programme the participants will go way with knowledge that may last a life time and make them the stars Nigerians expect of them.

With Joke in academy is Benneth Ogbeini, head of music, who is described as funning, music loving and accommodating.

He will be the one to turn those participants which at the moment are just ‘raw materials’ and process them into something unique and extraordinary.

His message to the student is “be yourself, ooze confidence and trust in God.”

Joined in this challenging exercise is the voice coach, Gogo Majin, who described his job as fun and musical, Gogo is advising the academy students to be hard working, be confident, be original and resilient.

That really is the point. Whoever must emerge winner will have to control those three attributes and just be able to pull that magic wand to be extraordinary.

Only if they can look at the confidence and gait running through their principal, the competition will indeed be fierce and will bring out the best from the students.

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