Wednesday, December 19, 2007

UN endorses Nigeria e-govt model

The United Nations (UN), leading organ for global development, has endorsed the Nigerian model of electronic governance (e-governance) as a viable option for successful deployment of e-government across the world.

The endorsement was given at the recent UN organised International Conference for Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2007), which ended in China weekend.

Executive Vice Chairman, Nigeria eGovernment Strategies Limited (Negst), Dr. Olu Agunloye, who led the delegation to the meeting, informed that the UN was impressed with the public private partnership (PPP) model adopted by the country, particularly in the light of appreciable progress made in deploying e-government structure in Nigeria in recent times.

e-Government refers to government’s use of information technology to exchange information and services with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government.

He stated that the conference provided opportunity for Nigeria to showcase how far it has gone in implementing the e-government initiative, share ideas and create relationship to fast track deployment of e-governance in the country.

Victor Ogunmakin, Director, Head of Service at the Presidency and a member of the Nigerian delegation to ICEGOV2007 said that the seven point agenda of the present administration is driven by IT.

According to him e-government is electronic administration of governance, capable of helping to bridge the digital divide and which Nigeria must speed up implementation, “so as not to be left behind in the comity of nations. Nigeria cannot move ahead unless

e-Government is rigorously implemented.”

He noted that e-Government is a top instrument for reforming e-governance, so it is expedient that the nation quickly put in place a framework for compliance.

A member of Nigerian delegation to the conference, Dr. Jhalil Tafawa Balewa, while speaking on the conference attended by over 59 countries with 27 coming the continent, said private sector participant in the ICEGOV2007 provided an avenue to bench what Nigeria was doing in terms of e-Government with what is happening globally.

He emphasised that full-scale implementation of e-Government in Nigeria would put the nation on equal level with developed countries from around the world.

He stressed the urgent need to spread the news of what e-government holds for the country and why e-Health, for instance, is a part of the conundrum, must be developed.

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