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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tahir commends MTN on Gold Club

Former Minister of Internal Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Tahir, has commended MTN Nigeria Communications Limited for coming up with the concept of Gold Club.

The club tends to offer special recognition to MTN subscribers who use upto N150,000 and above per annum.

Chatting with newsmen at Oceanview, venue of the launch, Dr. Tahir accompanied by his family, said he is a pioneer MTN subscriber.

“I have been using MTN line since 2001 and I have never had any course to regret using the network. Though I have not been judicious with how much I spend on my calls, as long I can talk without any hitch, I never cared about the cost but today MTN has made me realised that it is wise to spend more on their network because at the end of the day it is going to be of mutual benefit. You can see that my spending has qualified me as a gold card member,” he declared.

He pointed out that he was given free first class ticket to attend the event with his family, lodged in 5-star hotel with feeding; all expense paid.

“I learnt the same treatment is given to all high value customers invited here today. Considering the numerous values attached to the gold card membership, I will advise MTN subscribers to start spending more though wisely on their calls so that they can qualify for the gold card membership,” he enjoined, expressing appreciation to MTN for all these great added value offerings.

MTN Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Bola Akingbade, said that the club is a high value loyalty scheme and designed for big spenders on MTN account nationwide.

“Its primary objective is to reinforce the relationship that the network has developed with its customers in this category by way of returning added values to them in a way that no other network has done,” he asserted.

In addition, he said, that the benefits of this loyalty scheme include full medical examination for the top 500 customers and vehicle tracking for the top 3,000 customers with different levels of discount applying based on customer spend.

Others, he said, are lifestyle benefits such as luxury holidays, discounts in highbrow restaurants and bars, free golf lessons to name a few.

“We’re meeting your needs for security and well-being of what you value most. We want our customers to be able to say ‘MTN truly cares about my health, safety and lifestyle needs. I feel recognised and appreciated,” he said.

Equally speaking, another MTN high value customer and managing director, Capital Oil, Mr. Ifeanyi Patrick Uba, declared, “MTN has shown to us, its customers that subscribing to the network is not one-sided relationship. That, it is not about profiteering from us alone, that it is about building a symbiotic partnership. Look at all what I am going to be getting free, just for using the network. More kudos to them and I wish other networks can emulate this wonderful gesture from the people’s network.”

Explaining further, General Manager, Consumer Market at MTN, Mr. Kola Oyeyemi, said that for vehicle tracking, this added value would be offered to 3,000 top customers with different levels of discount, with tier one covering top 500 customers who spend N250,000 per quarter with each in this category having a free vehicle tracking device.

The second tier, he said, would be made up of about 2,500 customers who spend N150,000 per quarter, while MTN would bear part of the cost for their vehicle tracking devices to a tune of 50 per cent discount, even as the customer pays the balance and signs a contract for a period.

“The cost of the device is then spread over the contract period, which means the customer pays his monthly fee of N2,500 for the tracking service plus the amortised cost of the modem,” he added.

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