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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ENUMber may replace email addresses

Cover of the week:

The global telecommunications regulator, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) may introduce ENUMber in the near future to replace series of number-coded facilities an individual may have.

The possibility of latest evolution in telecommunications based on ENUM numbering is predicted to replace electronic mailing system (e-mail) addresses among other new things to come.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts informed that this evolution has the tendency to equally replace telephone numbers, web addresses and any other personal devices whether portable, stationary, mobile or base associated to an individual will be coded with ENUMber.

In other words, any individual with this ENUMber automatically become “A play-station, cell phone, desk phone, car, refrigerator, and maybe family dog will have your ENUMber address attached to it,” one of the concerned experts said.

Our sources also informed that with the latest, “Your ENUMber will replace your email address. ALL your communications can be connected through it,” even as the President of the Swiss Internet User Group (SIUG), Mr. Norbert Bollow, noted that there is a palpable fear over the ENUMber, which raises some severe privacy concerns.

Already, some industry analysts have alleged that ENUMber is a formula to checkmate on the movement and usage of certain facilities by the advanced world despite the generic concept the protagonists are preaching.

Champion Infotel gathered that the clarification of the Radio Frequency Protocol (RFP) of ENUMLLC is due to take place at RFP bidders conference, Richardson, Texas-United States on January 23, 2008.

Some members of the ICT-based Civil Society Groups are calling for caution as we look forward to the outcome of the meeting on RFP come next month.

The Country Code-1 (CC1) Electronic Number Mapping System ENUM Limited Liability Company (ENUMLLC) was created in August, 2004 to address implementation issues surrounding ENUM based on work completed by the ENUM forum, as well as ongoing work at the IETF and ITU-T, the LLC has initiated several work projects.

End-user ENUM platform, the LLC, has created technical specifications that would allow the implementation of ENUM Tier 1A registry services for countries that participate in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and the implementation of ENUM Tier 1B registry services for the United States.

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