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Thursday, January 26, 2006

VIA Eden, ULV processor hit market

VIA Technologies Incorporated based in Taipei, Taiwan, has taken its latest in stock VIA Eden and Eden ULV processors to the market place.

The firm which leads development of silicon chip technologies and Personal Computer (PC) platform solutions, announced that VIA Eden processor family, which is fanless along with the VIA V4 bus, including the Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) VIA Eden processors offer unbeatable power efficiency in design and performance within the compact nanoBGA2 package of 21mm x 21mm.

Vice President of Corporate Marketing, VIA Technologies, Mr. Richard Brown, disclosed that by taking full advantage of the advanced VIA CoolStream architecture and world-class 90nm manufacturing, the new 1Gega Hertz (GHz) VIA Eden ULV processor, has an incredible low maximum design power (TDP) of just 3.5 watts and the 1.5GHz part in addition to 7.5 watts, while the whole VIA Eden processor family boasts the industry’s lowest idle power of just half a watt.

He explained that the VIA V4 bus interface of the new VIA C7 processor family enables VIA Eden processors to deliver unprecedented performance in the embedded field, with an average performance increase of more than 30 per cent across leading industry benchmarks over previous VIA Eden processor generations, while maintaining the signature fanless operation through enhanced power efficiency to ensure no active cooling is required.

He also said, “To be able to offer processor speeds up to 1.5GHz within such a low power envelope is a remarkable advance for the x86 market, placing us clearly ahead of the competition and enabling more powerful embedded and silent systems”.

Emphasising that with these unprecedented levels of performance and power efficiency, “the new VIA Eden processor looks set to extend our leadership in markets such as thin clients, where increasingly intelligent, stylish x86 devices require more powerful yet still very cool processing capabilities.”

Particularly, he said, that the product targeted at a range of business, industrial and commercial applications such as thin clients, silent desktops, and set top boxes, the new Eden processor line is available at different speeds to meet the needs of those different vertical market segments.

Further, all of the new processors, he said, have been designed to operate at very low maximum power (TDP); ranging from 400MHz at just 2.5W up to 1.2GHz at 7W.

While the ultra low voltage skus, VIA Eden ULV processors, take power-efficiency a quantum step further, with the 1GHz and 1.5GHz parts designed for a maximum of an incredibly low 3.5W and 7.5W respectively.

Whereas, operating power is further reduced with VIA PowerSaver technology that enables the VIA Eden processor to transition between maximum processor speed and the lowest speed of 400MHz, depending on application requirements, within a single clock cycle, which also ensures seamless running of real-time operating systems and ensures no latency issues.

The new VIA Eden processor, according to him, boosts competitive write bandwidth and linear ordering modes, as well as MMX, SSE2 and SSE3 support for enhanced multimedia performance, and 128KB of both L1 and L2 on-die cache.

“It also integrates the world’s most comprehensive set of security tools in the VIA PadLock™ Security Engine, which can be enabled within applications to provide military-grade protection of business or personal information,” he noted.

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