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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Enter Firmswitch.com

Firmswitch.com, a high profile firm that renders online corresponding consultancy services to organizations, corporate executives and individuals proffering solution has commenced operations in the country.
The company’s chief executive, Mr. Davis Awanedi, made this known in Lagos, saying that their services are exceptional, innovative and structured to provide consistent relevant solution no matter the location of the client.
“Firmswitch.com has the sole goal of offering real corporate solutions,” he affirmed.
Established in response to the difficulties faced by some organizations, corporate executives and individuals without physical offices or avenues, he said, that with Firmswitch.com, such difficulties could now actually be overcome and meeting with their clients as scheduled possible, as his firm has the wherewithal to ensure transactions and services to both parties would be comfortable.
Mr. Awanedi emphasized that his company works to provide instant solutions to these problems for starters or big players that wish to save themselves resources of buying or renting a mega office with furniture and manpower needed by providing a platform and avenue where clients would be able to physically meet with their service providers and vice versa.
Also, he said, Firmswitch.com registers business names for corporate bodies and individuals without a registered business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria.
“This online service is very convenient, as it enables your business to be processed for registration without you having to stress oneself going to the Corporate Affairs Commission,” he said.
This correspondence service provider also runs a background check service on companies, organizations, and corporate bodies to determine whether a company or entity exists and to provide basic information about the company in order to assure business men, corporate executives, organizations and individuals in and outside the country of genuineness and availability of such companies in the country.
This particular service, he said, would also help to allay the fears of corporate and business people who want to do business in Nigeria, about fraudsters.
Firmswitch further does business name reservation for people who wants to reserve a business name with CAC to be made available for you for use at anytime but for them specified period of two months.
Additionally, the chief executive said, the company runs a hotel booking and reservation service in excellent and reputable hotels for the same class of people in and outside Lagos.
Firmswitch provides cutting edge correspondence services with a focus on providing avenues and platforms for its clients and their customers to meet and make business schedules, appointments and business relations easy and convenient. Describing Firmswitch’s approach as very innovative, thus adding value by simplifying the multiple task of business networking for organizations, corporate executives, and businessmen and women.

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