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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Call operator praises Glo, MTN

RURAL Commercial Tele-phone Operator (CTO), Mr. Samuel Okechi, has applauded the Second National Operator (SNO), Globacom and a Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) licensee, MTN Nigeria, on their efforts at providing coverage to several rural communities in the country.

Mr. Okechi, who made his views known while speaking to Champion Infotel at his kiosk based in Awba-Ofemili, Awka-North local government area in Anambra State, said that the steps taken so far by these telecom operators were encouraging.

“ I thank God for Globacom and MTN for covering this part of the country, at least, in the main time,” he declared.

He noted, however, that the services of these two were not at full reception at Awba-Ofemili, Mr. Okechi pointed out that they are the most nearest services received in the town among the existing telecom networks.

He said that lack of base stations of these networks near to the town has caused the likes of him to patronize booster antennas mounted on very long bambo tree branches to facilitate stable reception.

“We’re connected to antennas because there is no service here,” he said.

Additionally, he said, the call tariffs at these localities are still very high and even higher than is paid in the cities.

Mr. Okechi also pointed out that non-availability of electricity too is not helping matters either as he uses generating set fueled daily to charge the mobile phone batteries, used in the call services.

He also said purchasing of oil for the generating set and recharge cards could only be bought at Awka, the capital of Anambra State.

Even as it takes longer days for him to finish an MTN Booster or Glo ProfitMax Plus, for instance, he said.

He further enjoined the two operators to come quick to the community’s aid by installing more base stations around Awba-Ofemili, just as he invited other operators such as Vmobile Nigeria and Mobile Telecommunications (Mtel) of the Nigerian Communications Limited (NITEL), too, to the community.

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