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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Submission on gTLDs policy extended

SUBMISSION of papers for the proposed introduction of new Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) names called by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) council has been extended till January 31, 2006.
The call for public comment was in view of policy development for the introduction of new gTLDs process.
A generic top-level domain (gTLD) is a top-level domain used by a class of organizations. The generic top-level domains first implemented, in January 1985, were six but has increased to over 16 as at December 2005.
gTLDs are three or more letters long, and are named for the type of organization that they represent. Some of the gTLDs currently existing include .aero - for the air transport industry, .biz - for business use, .cat - for Catalan language/culture, .com - for commercial organizations, but unrestricted, .coop - for cooperatives, .edu - for educational establishments, and .gov - for governments and their agencies in the United States among others.
The GNSO council has voted to launch a policy development process on new gTLDs and to establish a work programme in consultation with the ICANN staff and the Board.
As part of this process, the GNSO council has extended the public comment process until January 31, 2006.
A press statement from ICANN said, that with the recently launched Policy Development Process (PDP) on new gTLDs, the GNSO is inviting organizations and individuals to submit substantive papers on the issue areas identified in the terms of reference for this PDP:
The reference states that if new generic top-level domain names should be introduced, and given the information provided and any other relevant information to the GNSO, the council should assess whether there is sufficient support within the Internet community to enable the introduction of new top-level domains.
If the above becomes the case, additional terms of reference are applicable including the selection criteria for new Top-Level Domains, which must take into account the existing selection criteria from previous top-level domain application processes and relevant criteria in registry services reallocations, develop modified or new criteria that specifically address ICANN’s goals of expanding the use and usability of the Internet.In particular, the council would examine ways in which the allocation of new top-level domains could meet demands for broader use of the Internet in developing countries.

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