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Thursday, January 25, 2024

US-Nigeria to launch blue economy hackathon - ITREALMS

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The United States Consulate in Nigeria is partnering with the Federal Government (FG) to launch the Nigerian Marine and Blue Economy initiative, reports ITREALMS.
US-Nigeria to launch blue economy hackathon - ITREALMS
The project, is a hackathon, according to the US Secretary of State, Mr. Antony J. Blinken at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the American Corner in Lekki-Lagos on Wednesday.

He expressed excitement on the blue economy hackathon because its one of the things he found very powerful, noting that when “you put young minds and technology together, they can find solutions.”

The partnership between USA and Nigeria, he said, will bring together the government, the private sector, students to develop solutions to economic and environmental challenges, like addressing plastic pollution or using ocean currents to create energy.

“So I mentioned I had a chance to meet with a few very impressive young Nigerian entrepreneurs a moment ago. One of them was helping businesses harness AI to automate operations, using virtual reality to help students learn when studies are hindered by a natural disaster or something else that keeps them out of their physical classrooms. And there again, the ingenuity, the dynamism is extraordinary. And that is, I think, fundamentally the spirit that unites our democracies, that unites the United States and Nigeria,” he declared.

Mr. Blinken further expressed optimism on the use of the innovation hub positively to create unimagine things that will help in building the society, especially Nigeria and US collaboration.

“Whatever it is, whatever it is that we can’t see today but you will all help us see tomorrow and realize tomorrow – that’s what will make the most powerful difference in our world. Through centers like this we look forward to ambition continuing to grow alongside our relationship. And as it does, as my boss likes to say, there is nothing – nothing – we can’t accomplish if we set our minds to it and we do it together,” he posited.

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