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Monday, January 22, 2024

Nigeria: Coalition raises alarm over escalating insecurity, proffers solutions - ITREALMS

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The Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) has raised alarm over escalation of insecurity across Nigeria, reports ITREALMS.
Nigeria: Coalition raises alarm over escalating insecurity, proffers solutions - ITREALMS
This, the group said has affected regions in the North, East, South and West.

A press statement made available to ITREALMS by the National Coordinator, CSCSD, Dr. Tola Winjobi and chair of the Think-Do Tank group at CSCSD, Prof. Mrs Olubunmi Ashimolowo, they expressed deep concern over the surge in insecurity plaguing various regions of Nigeria.

“Recent incidents underscore the urgent need for coordinated efforts to address these threats to the nation's stability and the well-being of its citizens,” they said.

Also, the coalition noted some security challenges that demand immediate attention to include bandit attacks and military vulnerability, kidnappings by Fulani militants, militant groups in Nasarawa State, abductions in Abuja and widespread insecurity in the Eastern and Western part of the country.

They decried reports of bandits attacking military bases, looting homes, and destroying vehicles, which raise questions about the security apparatus's effectiveness, urging the government to fortify military installations and enhance counter-terrorism efforts.

“Disturbing reports from Ifon in Ondo State and Akoko-Edo LGA Forests reveal kidnappings by Fulani militants clad in full military uniforms. This tactic not only endangers lives but also undermines public trust in security forces. Immediate and decisive action is essential to curb this menace,” they said.

CSCSD condemned the launch of a 2140-man Nomad Fulani Vigilante Group in Nasarawa State by Miyetti Allah, with the apparent endorsement of a state governor, stressing it adds a layer of complexity to the security situation and demanded careful scrutiny and assessment of its potential impact on the overall security landscape.

On the recent abductions in Abuja, where perpetrators invaded private properties, forcibly took entire families, and looted homes, are deeply troubling, thus CSCSD condemned these heinous acts and calls for urgent action to apprehend the perpetrators and secure the affected communities.

Similar incidents of insecurity, the group lamented, include abductions and violent attacks, have been reported across the Eastern and Western regions, with its gravity of the situation necessitating comprehensive and immediate intervention to safeguard the lives and properties of citizens.

CSCSD, therefore, called on the government to allocate additional resources for the training, equipping, and welfare of security forces.

“Immediate action is necessary to enhance their capacity to respond effectively to emerging threats,” the group advised.

Pointing out that advanced investment in intelligence-gathering technologies will foster collaboration between intelligence agencies to preempt criminal activities, just as the coalition emphasized the need for community-based surveillance programs to encourage citizens' active involvement among others.

Even as collaboration with the judiciary to expedite the adjudication of cases related to insecurity is crucial, while the group maintained that opening of discussions on national security policies are essential for fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

Ayo Mide/Editor

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