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Friday, November 03, 2023

POS: Agents recount benefits since joining PalmPay - ITREALMS

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Two PalmPay Points of Sale agents, Messrs Victor Ogunna and Damilola Taiwo in this chat discuss the benefits of becoming an agents, urging other Nigerians looking to get into the agency banking business to join the fintech company.
POS: Agents recount benefits since joining PalmPay
“Indeed, PalmPay dey pay,” Victor Ogunna said when asked about the benefit he's gained since becoming a PalmPay Agent. “I joined in 2019 when the company started operation, and since then, I have not looked at or considered another POS brand except PalmPay.”

Running an agency banking business in Anambra State, Victor says he was happy he chose to become a PalmPay agent. Referencing the increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria, he says he has had no need to look for a job and yet has been able to meet his financial obligations.

He says working as a PalmPay agent has allowed him to contribute to his community by helping to bridge the financial inclusion gap that was once noticeable among the residents.

“Since there are no banks in the community where I stay, and the closest one is several kilometres away, as a PalmPay agent, I help other residents to perform transfers and other transactions, such as bill payments and airtime top-ups,” Victor said.

PalmPay is a leading Africa-focused fintech platform committed to driving financial inclusion and economic empowerment across the continent. PalmPay POS agents can capitalise on this incredible opportunity by performing financial services for their communities.

As a POS agent for the fastest-growing fintech company in Nigeria, with over 1.1 million businesses comprising 500,000 agents and 600,000 merchants across the country, Victor says he has succeeded over the years in “Providing for my family without begging anyone for help.”

In Bariga, Lagos State, Damilola Taiwo, another PalmPay agent, when asked about her experience as an agency banker, had positive commendations for the fintech company.

“PalmPay has been very good to me,” Damilola said, adding, “Compared to other POS brands, PalmPay is very good in that their POS terminal is durable and their network is very fast and reliable. PalmPay has the lowest fees in terms of withdrawal charges.”

Victor also echoed the benefits, saying, “PalmPay POS is the best because they gave me the best benefits compared to other companies. Their network is swift, and transactions are seamless. There is also the high bonus and commission as well as instant payout.”

Why become a PalmPay agent?

Urging other Nigerians who are unemployed or in need of other sources of income and looking to venture into the agency banking business to consider PalmPay, Victor said his reason for recommending the fintech brand was due to its suite of offerings.

“PalmPay has the best offering for any POS agent. Aside from earning a commission on each transaction, PalmPay POS agents have the rare opportunity to contribute to bridging the financial inclusion and literacy gap within the communities in which they operate.

“Not only that, in the entire fintech industry, PalmPay has one of the best POS networks, ensuring seamless connectivity and setting itself apart as the superior choice for agents in terms of providing high-quality, efficient, and secure service,” Victor added.

Continuing, Victor said; “When it comes to charges, unlike other POS terminal providers, PalmPay charges you based on the number of daily transactions you execute, ensuring transparency and fairness. Let me try and break it down for anyone to understand.

“For withdrawals between N1 to N20,000, a fee of 0.5% is charged based on the total transaction amount. A flat rate fee of N100 is applied for transactions above N20,000, regardless of the transaction amount.

“Also, transfers between PalmPay agent accounts are free, with transfers to other banks incurring a flat fee of N20, but there's an opportunity you could earn up to N6 cashback on each transfer.

“That is not all! PalmPay also offers exciting incentives for high-star-level agents. Agents who achieve a high-star level can enjoy up to 0.1% cashback on their daily card withdrawals.

“This means that you can earn up to 0.1% cashback on every withdrawal transaction. For example, a withdrawal of N20,000 would earn you a cashback of N20, reducing the effective fee rate to 0.4% and the actual cap fee to N80.

“With one of the highest cashback rates in the industry, PalmPay ensures that their agents are rewarded for their efforts. It's just another way PalmPay goes above and beyond to appreciate its agents,” an exciting Victor said, adding that he’ll always recommend the PalmPay POS any time any day and above other POS terminal brands out in the ecosystem.

How to become a PalmPay agent

With over 500,000 agents across 774 local government areas in Nigeria, PalmPay has established a vast network of trusted financial service providers in different marginalised communities.

Becoming a PalmPay POS agent opens doors to exciting possibilities, allowing you to embrace the true independence that comes from being an entrepreneur and providing essential financial services to the unbanked and underbanked members of your community.

To become a PalmPay POS agent today, visit https://palmpay.com/agent/pos to fill out the application form with your personal and business details, including your name, address, phone number, and email address, and then submit your application and wait for approval.

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