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Monday, November 27, 2023

AfriTECH 3.0: Digital Encode highlights how emerging technologies drive cyber threats - ITREALMS

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Digital Encode Limited, a prominent consulting and integration firm, has stated that in its 20 years of existence, it has certified numerous organizations with various certifications.

These span from ISO certifications to conducting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) for both Nigerian and international companies.

Digital Encode, which prides itself as the number one information technology assurance company in Africa, specializes in the design, management and security of business-critical networks, telecommunications environments and other information technology infrastructures.

Speaking during a Fireside chat with Joan Aimuengheuwa, a senior Content writer with Techeconomy, at the Africa Tech Alliance (AfriTECH 3.0) Forum held at The Providence Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Olaifa Opeyemi, a Cybersecurity Consultant at Digital Encode Limited said the company known for solving multifaceted, complex enterprise network security and audit problems, will keep on working tirelessly to remain ready in the ever-evolving digital space.

Responding to a question on cybersecurity threats in Africa,, Opeyemi highlighted a noticeable surge due to ongoing advancements in the digital landscape, emerging technologies, and the proliferation of smart devices.

There was a time of web applications; now, it's all about mobile applications. The more technology we introduce, the greater the threats. There's a corresponding increase in malicious attempts to exploit these technologies," Opeyemi explained. "We've witnessed a rise in cybersecurity threats, from ransomware and malware to business logic attacks. Social engineering, especially phishing, has become rampant. Additionally, there's a surge in cryptocurrency attacks, notably cryptojacking."

Explaining Cryptojacking as a technique where attackers infiltrate a user’s device with malware, covertly using its computational power and resources to mine cryptocurrencies for the attackers' benefit without the user's knowledge or consent

Discussing positive developments, Opeyemi noted increased data protection efforts in Nigeria post the enforcement of the data protection bill by President Bola Tinubu.

She highlighted similar efforts in South Africa and Egypt through the implementation of POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act), emphasizing the continent's push towards data protection.

Opeyemi stressed that cybersecurity extends beyond technology to encompass organizational staff. "Even with top-tier technology and security-conscious staff, having processes like password policies is vital," she emphasized.

Cybersecurity aims at ensuring information confidentiality, integrity, and availability," Opeyemi explained. "Confidentiality prevents unauthorized access, integrity safeguards against unauthorized modifications, and availability ensures uninterrupted access."

Regarding safeguarding data against DDoS attacks, Opeyemi recommended employing traffic analysis solutions capable of filtering suspicious traffic to prevent service unavailability.

Lastly, she urged the government to intensify cybersecurity awareness efforts, advocating for its inclusion in educational curricula to foster a cybercrime-free nation from an early age.

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