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Sunday, November 05, 2023

Healing Streams with Pastor Chris breaks world record, translates in 8,130 languages - ITREALMS

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Another world record feat was added to the growing list of phenomenal achievements of the Loveworld Incorporated organized largest online healing crusade, as the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, was broadcasted in 8,130 unique languages to all the nations and territories of the world.
Healing Streams with Pastor Chris breaks world record, translates in 8,130 languages - ITREALMS
It was the first time such would be recorded in the history of mankind and it took place last weekend, at the just concluded three days programme of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services.

A record number of 6.9 billion people from every human race had the pleasure of listening to and experiencing the Word of God come alive in their mother tongue, birthing even more conviction and miracles worldwide. The record-breaking feat was reached on the grand finale of the programme, rounding off this edition on a truly remarkable high.

The Grand Finale: An Extravagant Display of God's Infinite Love and Grace
The October edition of the Live Healing Services will be remembered by many as the day their lives changed permanently for good. People witnessed an incredible move of the Spirit that left even the most ardent and jaded gaping in awe at the breathtaking display of His power in the name of Jesus Christ.

In a charged atmosphere of the miraculous, Pastor Chris issued commands of healing, liberation, and myriad blessings to all who connected to the services in the name of Jesus Christ.

The results were electrifying, nothing short of the miraculous. Nothing could have prepared anyone for such a superlative move of the Spirit that propelled broken and diseased bodies out of affliction by His vitalizing power. The dead came back to life; many who were previously bedridden or weakened by sickness and disease were suddenly free from all their siege. Erupting from their wheelchairs and beds, they cast-off all manner of aids almost instantaneously as the power of God coursed through them.

Hospital wards were emptied, and myriad diseases and disabilities that had defied time and medical solutions succumbed to the unrivaled power of God — birthing uncountable testimonies brimming simultaneously from across the world. In joyous wonder, many gave and rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ as they beheld His unfathomable power.

At the commencement of the finale, Pastor Deola Philips hinted at the incredible sights and miracles that would take place later by stating, "Today, anything is possible. God's thoughts and plans for you are for your healing and restoration. All you need to do is agree with God's thoughts for you. As you do, faith and hope will come alive in you again, positioning for every blessing God is bringing to you today.

The airwaves continued to reverberate with the power of God heralding endless praise even as Pastor Chris began to teach on the magnitude of the love of God for man and the availability of His Power to all who believe in Him.

Backing his avowal with several scriptures from the Bible, he affirmed, "As a person, you mean more to God than you will ever realise on this earth. When you study the Bible, you will realise that if you were the only one on this earth, Jesus Christ would still have come to die to save you. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. If you would believe that, all the blessings in Christ will be yours."

Speaking on the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pastor Christ advised the global congregation to remain in a state of readiness at all times for the joyful reunion with Christ.

Phenomenal Testimonies of God's Healing Love
Testimonies are still flooding from all over the world of the wondrous deeds recorded during the 3-day event.

In Brazil, Rejane found relief from osteoarthritis thanks to her participation. She had previously undergone prosthetic implant surgery on her left leg six years prior but could not afford the same procedure for her right leg, causing her to suffer from unbearable pain. However, after responding in faith to the healing command given by Pastor Chris, she instantly experienced relief from the pain.

She has since testified that she is now pain-free and can perform activities that she was unable to do before.

Lesley Wild from Malta battled with eyesight issues for over 5 years, so much so that she couldn’t read without glasses or see clearly. As Pastor Chris ministered on Day 3, she received her healing and now she can see so much better.

In Nigeria, Babangida Isah was involved in an accident that incapacitated him three months ago, though he had surgery on both his legs, he still couldn't walk. He got healed on Day 2 of the programme in the man of God, Pastor Chris was praying for the sick in hospitals. Today, he is walking free from pain and discomfort and has given his life to Christ.

Countless testimonies like these flowed in from Burundi, Iran, Australia, Afghanistan, Albania, China, Nigeria, American Samoa, United Kingdom, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, and many more countries, attesting to the invincibility, infiniteness, and supremacy of the Word of God over all life forms and circumstances.

Pastor Chris Declares Great Blessings on Families and Countries
The service climaxed as Pastor Chris prayed for families and countries, declaring all limitations broken and commanding peace and prosperity to all connected. He also prayed for countries to have leaders embody God's love and blessings.

The grand finale and the entire weekend of the Live Healing services certainly left an indelible mark of victory in the lives of everyone privileged to have been a part of it. It also marked a defining moment in the history of the church of Christ on Earth.

Join us for Festival of Miracles
Relive the signs and sounds from the just concluded Live Healing Services at the ongoing Festival of Miracles, streaming daily on Healing Streams TV till the 13th of November, 2023.

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