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Thursday, November 09, 2023

Ofcom commences consultation on online safety regime - ITREALMS

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The Office of Communications (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom (UK) has launched the first of its consultations on the online safety regime in the UK (Online Safety Act 2023) reports ITREALMS.
This first tranche of documents, ITREALMS gathered, focused on illegal harms, and could be found at consultation documents through this link, including how to make it easier to read and navigate.

ITREALMS also gathered that the chapter summaries, explained what each chapter is about, what proposals have been made, why they are making them and what input "we would appreciate from stakeholders."

"Our tear sheet summarises what we are proposing, and which services these draft proposals apply to," Ofcom official said on Thursday.

Stressing that Annexes 1-4 explained our approach to consultations and how stakeholders can respond to this consultation.

In addition, ITREALMS gathered that this is an open consultation process, "so we welcome formal input from all parties. If you are interested in sharing your views with us, please do submit any response to this consultation by Friday 23 February to the following inbox: IHconsultation@ofcom.org.uk. Having considered responses to this Consultation, we will publish a Statement.

"We currently plan to publish our Statement by Winter 2024. We’ll be publishing two further consultations over the next 12 months on protecting children and additional duties.

"You can find more information about our regulatory approach and timelines on our website through this link," Official said.

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