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Saturday, September 02, 2023

Nigeria Computer Society @ watershed - ITREALMS

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A few days ago, there was news break that a member and former chapter chairman of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) in Lagos State, Mr. Rogba Adeoye dragged the society to a Federal High Court in Lagos, where he obtained an Ex Parte order dated July 17, 2023.
Nigeria Computer Society @ watershed - ITREALMS
This Ex Parte order was to stop the election that since emerged with the former Vice President, Dr. Muhammad Sirajo Aliyu among other National Executive Council elections held in Bauchi as part of NCS international annual conference 2023.

Last time ...
The last time industry stakeholders had a resemblance of a highly tensed conference was about two decades ago, in 2002, following its formation as a result of harmonisation with other stakeholders and interest groups which paved the way for the transformation from Computer Association of Nigeria (COAN) to the current Nigeria Computer Society.

Noteworthy is that COAN founded in 1978, had before then existed for 24 years, just as 2023 marks the 21 years of NCS harmonisation.

Of course, it seemed very tense then at the International Conference Centre Abuja, but the elders were able to timely step in and wade off every thing that could bring about negative vibes, and NCS was born after long meetings and ‘horse tradings.’

Worrisome development:
It’s absolutely very disturbing to read a report that a member took NCS to court and then, it was a former chapter chairman in Lagos, who ordinarily should know the internal workings of the National Executive Council (NEC).

The plaintiff has sought an interlocutory injunction restraining the Nigeria Computer Society, Prof. Adesina Sodiya, Mr. Segun Adekunle and Olufemi Williams or anyone claiming authority through them from proceeding to hold the national Executive Council Election slated for August 9, 2023, pending the determination of the originating summons.

The court has since adjourned to November 22, 2023, for report or service.

What is the grievance?
According to Mr. Adeoye, an order from a competent court with suit No: FHC/L/CS/1268/2023 was obtained stopping the society from holding the election and wondered why a professional body like the NCS headed by a professor still went ahead to hold the election despite the court order.

“As far as anybody is concerned, the National Executive Council election held recently is null and void and a total disobedient of a court order. The matter has been slated for hearing November 22, 2023, and no other court has set aside the Ex Parte order dated and filed on July 17, 2023, at the Federal High Court in Lagos,” he said, stressing “you cannot put something on top of nothing. Thus, the supposed election held in Bauchi, North-East Nigeria is a waste of time.”

Heads roll @NCS:
Like in every conflict, some heads have to roll either in favour or against the current state of NCS depending on where the leadership tilts towards. Even though there is little known internal efforts to restore peaceful co-existence among NCS members, some members suspected to be up in arms have received the first dose of harmer with Mr. Adeoye bearing the cross.

On the contrary, the purported suspension of the former president of NCS, Professor Sola Aderounmu, was said not to be directly involved in this current crisis but for other reasons which deals with the long absence of any member of the National Executive Council (NEC) for a given number of time.

Fact about suspension:
ITREALMS gathered that NCS constitution stipulates that NEC members should not absent him or her self from NEC meeting for upward of three consecutive times without any cogent reason and prior notice of the incumbent leadership.

The NCS constitution in Chapter 5.2 (d) states inter alia:
“The Council shall hold meetings (Physical and/or online) at least once every quarter to plan and review the Society’s activities and deal with emerging and prevailing issues. Any Council member who fails to attend the NEC meeting three (3) consecutive times stands suspended and be referred to the Ethics & Disciplinary Committee for advice. All rights / privileges as NEC member are withdrawn while on suspension. If the affected member is from Interest Group/ Stakeholder, a replacement could be nominated from the Interest Group/Stakeholder in the interim.”

Industry observers noted that unfortunately Prof. Aderounmu as an ex-officio cannot be replaced except now that NCS had gone ahead to hold its election, thereby making the immediate past president, Prof. Adesina Sodiya an ex-officio. And this being the case, there was no need to suspend Prof. Aderounmu almost at the tail end of just ended tenure.

For some industry observers, yes, NCS may be following and walking its books, while another set observers pointed out that since the suspension notice or proclamation came barely less than one month to the end of a tenure, it amounts to the dismembering of his role as former president, which could have been overlooked based on the technicalities of time relevant to the current development.

Noteworthy is that Prof. Aderounmu served NCS selflessly, his case should have been treated differently, despite alleged confirmation that reminders were send to him on the implication of his absence from NEC meetings for over two years.

With the current efforts of the elders, which most industry observers said came in somewhat late, its still in order, after all its better late than never. The elders must be commended and obviously have to be proactive knowing that most of them may not be in the midst of cake as previously obtained whilst in charge, but largely depend on the report from the NEC or third-party, which could actually take some time, to digest and assimilate.

On the other hand, NEC ought to have been circumspect in decisions patterning to disciplinary actions against members, let alone some NEC members themselves as well as the time for such a decision or pronouncement.

Still on the other hand, elections are prone to be vested with lots of controversial interests, therefore, members who felt unjustly treated with the disqualification by the electoral committee, should take a step backwards, take deep breathe and work around whatever the committee gave as the reason(s) for their qualifications by exploring all available options before heading to the court.

Further, industry observers are optimistic that by the adjourned date of November 22, 2023, for report or service of the case before the court that elders balm should have touched all the aggrieved sides and the case will be withdrawn, because as a professional body with gained attraction, we need peace in NCS to come out of this watershed.

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