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Friday, August 05, 2022

Ekomhen Glory says good wedding cake can't be produced in a hurry - ITREALMS

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The Chief executive officer, Glory cakes 'n' treat, Benin City, Ekomhen Glory told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO that she takes her time to produce any wedding cake and believes in teamwork.
Chief executive officer, Glory cakes 'n' treat, Benin City, Ekomhen Glory


What led you into the cakes industry?
I've always wanted to be a baker because I have so much passion for it.

How has it been?
It's been going well but not easy especially the unstable high cost of baking ingredients which has made cakes a gold.

How do you cope with the recent increase in baking materials?
Ah! it's been frustrating and not encouraging in the sense that customers are not even understanding; they still prefer to make their orders based on the old price which has tripled due to rising cost of ingredients, while I cannot compromised my standards. But, in all, God has been faithful to me.

So, what is the trick you use to make them understand the price hike in Cake?
Sometimes, after much explanation, analysis and talks, they will finally agree to pay.

How do you get your customers and also maintain your clients based?
Actually, whenever I deliver the cake, I make sure I do follow ups by asking; how the event eventually went and saying to them some word of prayers. This has worked for me as a magic as my clients still patronized and referrals as well which has immediately build up my clientele.

Have you ever had a rude customer and how did you handle them?
Countless times. Some customers can be so annoying to a varying degrees but like the saying "customers are always right; my acts of patience never disappoints.

What is your best working tools as a cake artist?

Are you team fondant, buttercream or whipped cream and why?
Smiles....Team fondant because it's not messy unlike buttercream. Also, fondant brings out more creativity in my cake designs.

What different frostings methods do you know how to use?
Paneling for round cakes and full covering for square cakes.

What would you do if a distressed customer comes to request a complex cake for a wedding the next day?
It's a wedding cake we are talking about oo, I can't do it, seriously!
Glory Cakes
What would you do if a customer requested a cake design you had never attempted before?
I will put in 💯 effort to deliver a perfect work.

Your likes and dislikes?
I like people around me to be trustworthy and hardworking while I dislike lies.

Your hobbies?
My hobbies are baking especially, also traveling and cooking.

What do you like to do for fun?
Ohh, just go to a cool place alone and take some refreshments.

What's your view about teamwork?
More ideas are generated and put in place for greater success/output.

What inspires you while working on cake?
When I see my recipes are perfectly correct and comes out well.

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