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Saturday, August 27, 2022

CEO Taiwo Onadeko says no successful result without team work - ITREALMS

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ITREALMSGBEMI OMOTOSO recently spoke with the chief executive officer, Complete Event Innovations, Lagos, Mr. Taiwo Akinbadejo Onadeko, who told her that clients must be given first consideration and not my personal needs and no successful result without a team work.
chief executive officer, Complete Event Innovations, Lagos, Mr. Taiwo Akinbadejo Onadeko
Family life?
I am happily married to a beautiful damsel and blessed with wonderful kids.

How did you get into the event industry?
Event was not my thing though, I got there by trying to help a friend. As a church boy cum drummer, then entrusted with church keys while my friend; a decorator from Yaba was to get the keys from me in order for him to decorate the Church who later became my boss.
I watched with keen interest as he decorated and those made me to introduced him to so many pastors so I spoke to them about him and while they were giving him jobs he needs assistance and the person I referred didn't showed up so I have to volunteer which made me developed an interest and later learnt professionally. That was when I noticed that my mom's friend is also into it; she owns Event Planet back then.

How has the journey been?
Not easy, but God has been good to me.

Any fear at the start of the business & how did you overcome it?
To be candid, as at the time I started I was still very much under my parent; so I don’t really have much challenges apart from sleeping out.
In the course of my decors job, I've met influential people like the former Governor Fashola at an event I did for a friend at the very beginning of my career. I've worked for Falcon Petroleum among others. Event decoration is part of me now, very interesting and full of creativity thereby making me to explore in the industry.

If opportune, which other aspects of entrepreneurship would you venture into and why?
Smiles ... Instrumental because I love music so much though I studied Accounting.

Can you describe a time that an event did not go as planned. What did you learn and what would you have done differently?
I won’t say I got greedy but kind of; as I was sourcing for a cheaper and closer vendor for an event however, I was trying to use my connection but delay payment and the person felt I don’t need it again which affected the job.
That singular act, taught me to always considered my client first and not my personal needs nor family issues.
A decoration by Complete Events & Innovation
Your personal likes and dislikes?
I love honesty while I dislikes lies or being tricky.

What keeps you going on as event decorator?
My needs keep me going. While, at the start it was just passion but needs boost my passion as time passes.

Any memorable day at work and what made it memorable?
Waoh! The day I got the same event with my boss that I still work with then I don’t want to mention name what happened and who got to be an international recognised event-guru in the industry.
She was to do the stage while I was to decorate the hall and it was not an even a direct job but I was the one who defended and got the event while event planner based on the relationship with my boss he wanted to condemn my dance floor and unknown to him I use the same printer that my boss uses likewise the light-person.
However, when he was complaining my boss walked up and assured them of my competency immediately she left she called me to managed a job and also finish the stage, it was a great moment that lingers in my memory.

What is your views about team work?
There is no successful result without a team work either good or bad even in the case of Delilah and Samson; for Delilah to bring Samson down it took collaboration, so teamwork is very important.

What tops your priority while planning an event?
My client feedback, so I make sure I get the full details.

What kind of event do you enjoy planning most and reasons?
Weddings! I love the joy on the bride's face at the success of the event while the feedback at weddings are quick and commendable which avails you the opportunity for new clients and referrals.

Have you ever planned a multiple events at a time and were they successful?
Yes. I have and by God’s grace it was successful though I have done some that failed over time but learnt from the mistakes.
However, I starts planning earlier for a perfect decors.

Mentor and mentee, do they need to set a boundary and reasons?
Really! I don’t support the idea of boundaries but it’s just that some people overstep it.
I felt whoever you mentor should have hundred per cent access to whomever mentors them.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to events?
I upgrade online and onsite trainings as well.

How do you relax?
I visits a good resorts or beach.

Your best foods?
Rice and stew.

What would you advise a new comer in the event industry?
To be focused majorly on the job not the money, as wealth comes when your job is good.

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