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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Lessons from Holy Family of Nazareth - ITREALMS

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Today we celebrate the most perfect human family that ever existed; the Holy Family of Nazareth. That family is called "holy" because of its closeness to God, who is holiness itself, and it includes Jesus the Son of God, the Word who lived in the family of the Father and the Holy Spirit for all eternity. They are to be model for us and the mirror through which we can look at our own families. Let us reflect on some lessons derived from the life of the Holy Family.
Rev Fr Simon Peter Dzungwe Sc.

1. A family that does the will of God: "Behold I am the handmaid of God" (LK 1:38). "Joseph woke up and did as the angel told him". Doing God's will saves us and the world. It protected the little Baby Jesus from Herod's evil plan.

2. Family that stays together: "And Jesus went down with them and was subject to them..., and he grew in wisdom" (Lk 2:51-52).

3. A family that prays together: "Every year they went to Jerusalem for the feast of the purification" (LK 2:41). Praying together unites us in mind. Praying together brings us together.

4. Family that cares for each other: When they realized that Jesus was missing on their way, they returned in search for him. Parents are to give good time to put their children on track. Lagosian parents, how much of your time and space do your children enjoy?

5. A wife that knows how and when to talk. Have you ever imagined why it was Mary who spoke when they later found Jesus in the temple? Women should know how to calm situations in their homes.

5. Children that stay in their father's house, handling their father's business (Lk 2:49).

This family, just like our families also passed through beautiful and tough times. They too had moments of difficulties and tribulations.

A. They were poor, yet they were never lacking because at every point of need God provided a solution; they needed a house and a cattle pen was given; a baby bed but a manger was provided.

B. They too had people who wanted evil on them. Herod wanted their baby dead.The Holy Family had to run to Egypt as the Gospel tells us because of the harm that would have come to the child Jesus.

C. There were moments of child "misbehavior" (missing child in Lk 2:45-46), and the parents handled it with maturity.

D. There were moments of agony and sorrow; the passion. They are a model of true Christian family. They mirror the struggles, tribulations, joys and happiness that mould the family as a unit.

Being inserted in a history where human weakness holds sway, tribulations and trials become instruments through which God moulds every family.

Dear families of our time, the Holy Family is a model for us to imitate. Let us make good families so that we can have good homes. If our homes are good and holy, the society will be too.

The society is the product of our homes. The bad politicians and leaders we have came from our homes. The thugs and armed robbers are products of our homes. The unknown-gun men were born and brought up from families.

We can save the world by becoming good fathers, good mothers and good children.
May the Lord grant us His grace to be Holy. Amen.

Merry Christmas.

*Contributed by Rev Fr Simon Peter Dzungwe Sc.

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