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Sunday, December 26, 2021

ICANN completes assessment system standardization access - ITREALMS

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has completed assessment on potential design for the System for Standardised Access/Disclosure reports 
ICANN president, Goran Marby
The President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ICANN, Mr. Göran Marby, disclosed this to ITREALMS over the weekend, explaining that the Operational Design Assessment (ODA) is the final outcome of the ODP, which is expected to deliver to the ICANN Board and publish in February 2022.
"With this work, we have reached a significant milestone in supporting the Board's preparation to consider the Recommendations 1-18 of the Final Report [gnso.icann.org] of the GNSO Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data Phase 2," he said.

The Board, he said in his official blogpost, is reviewing the draft ODA, which highlights some of the challenges inherent in the set of policy recommendations related to the SSAD.

Noting that as work on finalizing the ODA continues, ICANN org and several Board members met via a webinar with the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council on 20 December 2021 to brief them on the initial findings of the org's analysis.

He also noted that in discussion with the GNSO Council, the SSAD ODP team presented its overall findings of what will be required to implement the SSAD-related recommendations, including the estimated range of costs and fees, related assumptions and considerations, and noted strategic questions that the ICANN Board is considering.

"It was a useful and important opportunity to work together and engage with the GNSO council to discuss the findings and reasoning behind the design choices.

"When the GNSO Council adopted the EPDP Phase 2 Team's policy recommendations, they requested a formal engagement with the Board to further discuss the costs and benefits of the SSAD.

"The 20 December meeting was a first step as the org prepares to brief the full community on the costs and overall findings, and was meant to help prepare for the Council and the Board to engage in that cost/benefit analysis discussion," he said.

Remmy Nweke/DoP

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