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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Author of ‘My own personal experience' with Dowen principal, Mrs Layiwola’ pulls down post - ITREALMS

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The social media have been awash with the post ‘My Own Personal Experience with Mrs Adebisi Layiwola, the Principal of Dowen College Lekki,’ authored by Mrs. Tracynither Nicolas Ohiri has been ‘forced’ to pull-down the post from her Facebook wall barely 24 hours after, reports 
The post which has since been reposted by other social media enthusiasts with hashtag #justiceforsylvester according to 
ITREALMS investigations, pulled down due to avalanche of telephone calls Mrs. Ohiri received after the initial post went viral on social media including WhatsApp and Telegram.
Mrs. Ohiri had shared her experience with the principal of Dowen College, Mrs. A Layiwola, where late Chidalu Sylverster Oromoni Jnr, was reportedly tortured and bullied which led to his death last week at the age of 12.

Confirming this, Mrs. Ohiri lamented that the post she made on December 5, has generated a lot of unnecessary calls which kept her phone busy, of which 
ITREALMS underscored includes threats thereby literarily ‘forcing’ her to pull the post down.

“I had to pull down the post, I don't want anybody to be calling me,” she declared.

Also reacting to comments on the now missing ‘post’ Mrs Ohiri, said via a post on her page on December 6 at 17:47pm “This country Nigeria is fearful. You can't believe how many Phone calls I have received between yesterday I made this post and now. Now I understand why this country is like this. TRUTH IS VERY EXPENSIVE.”

Although many Nigerians following the story on social media mostly her Facebook have continued to encourage her to remain strong and impactful.

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ITREALMS also gathered that Mrs. Ohiri’s post which has since gone beyond her deletion out of pressure, read in part: 


“My name is Tracynither Nicolas Ohiri (Twealthy Billions) and I had 2 boys in GIC Lekki phase one where Mrs Layiwola was a former school principal. A student in a senior class bullied my first son in that school so bad to the point of damaging the screen of my son's Tablet. Mrs “Layiwola felt she can plead and offer an apology on his behalf without giving me the opportunity to meet with the said boy and ask from him directly the reason He always bullies my son.

“She pleaded they were only kids and would settle it amongst themselves later.

“I made her to understand we are talking about my son coming home with a broken ankle because the said bully, the same boy, kicked so hard on his abdomen for coming to the football pitch when he was playing football with his friends. My son fell on his knees and he went ahead to step on his ankle. To further torture my son, he grabbed his Samsung Tablet and damaged the screen. Trust me I refused to have that and demanded to see the boy and his parents who raised a bully but she refused and after days of going to the school with her preventing me from meeting the boy and his parents.

“I drove to the school around 6am on a Monday morning and waited for the boy and his parents at the gate. The moment they came to drop him, I grabbed his school bag, seized it, the mother came out shouting Aaaaaah Aaaaah aaah, what's going on here, I landed a Hot dirty slap on her. I was going to use my head next on her forehead before the security men and people around grabbed me. I drove off with the boy's school bag, ignored all their phone calls for that day and returned it to the school principal the next morning making sure that i damaged his laptop screen beyond control.

“I took time to explain to my sons not to feel embarrassed, that everything I did that day was for their own good and security.

“My boys spent extra 2 years in GIC Lekki phase one and till they left that school no teacher or student bullied them. Mrs Layiwola left GIC for Dowen college months later after this incident.

“This morning when my second son hugged me from behind with a kiss, reminding me of this story I smiled.

“Getting to know now that she is the current principal of Dowen college where Slyvester a 12 year old boy was bullied to death, I'm not surprised. May God heal his parents and family. JUSTICE FOR SYVELSTER OROMONI”

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