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Saturday, October 30, 2021

3rd edition: Miracles, salvation, signpost 'Healing Streams with Pastor Chris' - ITREALMS

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The third edition of the global online crusade, tagged #Healing Streams with Pastor Chris recorded an avalanche healings, miracles, salvation, and deliverance as participants from all across the world recount extravaganza of good tidings in God's presence.

Recall that the Healing Streams which started in March 2021 was so well received that the world yearned for more. And more came with the second edition in July which generated so much global impact that another had to be fixed for this October.

Yesterday’s opening session was marked with record shattering miracles as people got up from their wheelchairs and sickbeds, dropped crutches and various walking aids, dancing and praising God, whose infallible Word and incredible grace brought them healing.

The service that watched by billions of people across over 200 nations and territories in 4000 language translation and streamed on thousands of radio and TV stations, websites, LoveWorld Networks and across various Social Media platforms, began with a session of worship led by the Loveworld Singers, after which the Director of the Healing School, Pastor Deola Phillips, warmly welcomed the global congregation.

Quoting copiously from the Holy Scriptures, specifically, Ezekiel 47:6-9, she explained how the healing waters signify the ministration of the Spirit. She assured the congregation that “the Holy Spirit would convey the healing power of God to everyone who would connect in faith.”

“The Healing Streams is a wave of God’s love. There is no limitation to the ministry of the Spirit; there are no barriers of time, space, or location. Everywhere you are, the power of God will locate you. So expect a change, expect a miracle,” she said.

After another stirring session of worship, Pastor Deola was joined on the set by senior ministers of the Healing School, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan and Reverend Ray Okocha, to discuss the impact of previous editions of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services.

Reverend Tom revealed that more than 5.5 billion people participated in the July edition and that the numbers will only increase. “The October Healing Streams Live Healing Services are here and the whole world is shaking. Heaven and earth are witnessing something extraordinary. The July edition saw 5.5 billion people participating all over the world. This edition is going to witness even more people. Just watchout,” he enthused.

Reverend Ray admonished the participants and encouraged them to stay focused and to follow the instructions from the man of God with faith. He prophesied that there would be healing even in places where healing centers were not set up, and observed that people would receive healing in their homes while Pastor Chris ministered to the people in the studio.

There was more to come. The next segment was hosted by Evangelist Eddy Owase, also a senior minister of the Healing School. This time featured a catalogue of astounding testimonies with several testifiers from all over the world either present in the arena or calling in live to share their stories.

Among the testifiers was Joy, who had been diagnosed with kidney failure and given up on by the doctors. Her condition had gotten so bad; she weighed 19kg, became totally blind, and was covered in sores that wouldn’t respond to medication. After the second day of the July Healing Streams Live Healing Services, she woke up in the morning and the sores had dried up overnight.

Today, Joy weighs 51kg, has perfect vision, and two fully functional kidneys. Full of life and health, she attests thus: “I am a walking expression of the power of God.”

At this point, the atmosphere was so charged with faith, you could literally feel the tangible presence of God. The Loveworld Singers led another session of worship to God that ushered into the auditorium the Man of God Pastor Chris.

He walked in with an unusual presence of the Holy Spirit that triggered jubilation and expectations from the audience. He immediately went over to those who had been waiting to be healed.

As he laid hands on them, demons fled and sickness dissolved, unable to resist the matchless Name of Jesus, this reporter witnessed. Pastor Chris went further and led the the global congregation in moments of heavenly worship, and then began to teach deep truths about the benediction and God’s blessings.

“Some people in their pain cry out, ‘God, where are you? They don't know that God has already laid out a plan to meet their need. When you discover God's plan and walk in it, you will understand that the earth is truly filled with God's goodness,” he exhorted.

Immediately after, the man of God prayed and ministered specially to those connected to the Live Services. He commanded diseases out and decreed bodies to be made whole. What awesome moments as testimonies started flooding in from nations all over.

Viorica was bedridden with arthritis for years but during the ministrations, she arose and praised God For a new life of freedom. Robehi from Spain is healed from a herniated lumbar disc. Attractive from the United Kingdom is healed of several conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome and lower spinal pain. Vangalia from India was paralyzed on his left side; he jumps out of his chair with both arms in the air, totally healed after the man of God prayed.

This is just the beginning. This chronicle of power, love and divine manifestations continue today by 6pm (GMT+1). Don’t watch it alone. Get all around you and everyone you know to participate at www.healingstreams.tv/3days.

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