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Saturday, September 04, 2021

TD Africa's Peace Egege trends in King of Boys - ITREALMS

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A staff of TD Africa, Peace Udochi Egege has again demonstrated that the company, Sub-Saharan Africa’s technology, lifestyle and solutions distribution giant, is filled with budding talents ready to take up any challenge and see them through with distinction,
The TD Africa sales operations team member rubbed shoulders with several high-profile actors who featured in the Nigerian blockbuster movie, King of Boys - The Return of the King, which has been showing in cinemas and on Netflix since August 2021.a
Egege featured among the cast who went to the airport to welcome the King in the highly talked-about movie.

An epic film by popular Nigerian filmmaker, Kemi Adetiba, the political-crime movie is a sequel to the hugely successful 2018 movie of the same title. The movie tells the story of Alhaja Eniola Salami played by Sola Sobowale - a businessperson and philanthropist with a promising political future. She is the eponymous King of Boys, heading a table of gang-lords, who are obligated to give her a percentage whatever loot they get.

Sharing her experience over her role in the movie, Egege revealed that she was contacted for the role by a friend.

“I was so excited when I received the offer. It was cool and fun appearing in the movie, even though it took a whole night to cast just a scene. At some point, we got tired, and I just realized that most of the movies we watch at home take lot of efforts and time to produce. In fact, I am happy that I participated in the movie,” Egege disclosed.

The sales specialist stated that since the movie was released, she has received quite a number of calls from many who know her as a staff of TD Africa.

In addition to distinguishing itself in the marketplace and in the African ICT ecosystem, TD Africa is filled with creative talents, including budding musical artistes, actors, decent footballers, chefs, dancers, writers and public speakers, all of whom engage their creative energies, leveraging it in contributing their quota in maintaining TD Africa’s position as the biggest technology and lifestyle brand in the region. Aside ensuring a comfortable atmosphere for these talents to thrive, TD Africa also provides various opportunities for her staff members to express their talents, without fear of retribution.

Furthermore, Egege revealed her delight in being a part of the TD Africa family.

“We are like family in TD Africa. You know that in a family, there are different talents. This is what you will find with TD Africa. I am a supporting actress based on my appearance on King of Boys. However, there are many of my colleagues who have even more outstanding talents. 

‘‘We could express those talents because we work with TD Africa. Not every company, especially in the tech environment, gives that kind of support. I am really grateful for the support I receive from TD Africa and my colleagues,” she said.

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