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Monday, March 01, 2021

Blessed are kind, generous people says Fr Ebido - ITREALMS

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Monday, Second Week of Lent B (March 1/2021) 

Your Daily BlessingMay the Lord multiply a hundred fold all you give away in His name Amen.

Read Dan 9:4-10; Luke 6:36-38; pray Psalm 78.

I have met extraordinarily generous and kind people in my entire life. Because of them, I have an undying hope in the human project. 

I find them in every country I have visited around the globe. I also happens to be an Igbo man, and come from that part of Igboland (Anambra) known among Nigerians for their success and extraordinary generosity. I don’t know why generosity come natural to some, while others find it difficult. 

The truth is this, the future of a family, a town, or a state depends on the number of kind and generous people it produces. Doomed is that family or town that has a great number of misers and wicked people in it! It shall finally self-destruct.

Recently a friend showed me some buildings in a certain city abandoned by people who owned it because they travelled out, never to come back. We have towns like that in this country where people are afraid going home to build anything not to talk of living there. That is one ‘color of wickedness’ (see my last week reflection) I find in my country. Identify yours.
Last week a graduate called me to seek for help in getting another job because she works as a nanny for a Catholic couple (Igbos) who pay her peanuts, and would not allow her to go out for anything, not even to Church on Sundays! That is  another ‘colors of wickedness,’ and I will keep pointing them out  in my reflections. 

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So in the midst of generosity, you will find wickedness; and vice versa. What we must keep in mind is what Jesus said in the Gospel of today: ‘the measure you give, is the measure you will get” eventually, partly in this life, but the full doze is guaranteed in the life to come. 

It will be “a full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing” either of good things or bad things depending on what you dished out while alive in the flesh. What you have sown, you shall reap. So, the choice is yours!
PRAYER: O Lord, I want to be as generous as my blessings warrant; but often my fears win.

Help me to see that what I give away eventually is the only real gifts I give to myself after this life. Grant me a kind and generous spirit. Amen.

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