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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Vaccines are what they are, vaccines! - ITREALMS

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Vaccines are what they are; vaccines. The conspiracy theorists are ridiculous.
My neighbour's son was very ill with typhoid fever and she rushed him to the hospital. He was on admission for three (3) days.
After the boy was discharged, I went to the woman to ask her if she asked the doctors whether the drugs, including intravenous injections administered to the son were safe.

I asked her if she knew the sources or manufacturers of these drugs. Of course she said no.

The reason I went to her was because she had not only been obsessively posting vaccine conspiracy theories on our resident associations' group, she had been editorializing on those posts, advising people to flee from the vaccines.

I reminded her that the same manufacturers of the drugs her son was given, like Pfizer also manufactures the vaccines. And the same doctor and nurses administer them.

If they wanted to get you, kill you, or inject some Bill Gates' 666 chip into you body, they don't need a Covid-19 vaccine or to even make any noise about it . They will simply use the regular everyday injections and intravenous drugs they already manufacture. Is it not easier and more suspicious that way?

She didn't utter a word but I know she must have thought hard about it because it has been two weeks and she hasn't posted about vaccines. She probably already had a change of heart while at the hospital because I noticed the posts stopped the same afternoon her son was admitted.

That's how ridiculous the conspiracy theories are.

There were mass vaccinations in the 60s and 70s. We should ask our parents or check the mark on their arms. The difference is that there was no social media to easily spread conspiracy theories.

People were sceptical of the vaccines in the north then and all their children were getting crippled with polio before they finally accepted vaccinations. Remember when we used to see a lot of crippled Northern?

Today, people who should know better are making videos, generating posts and spreading the vaccines misinformation because of easy access to social media.

*Contributed by Kelechi Okorie is a renowned journalist.

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