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Monday, March 22, 2021

Fr Ebido underscores 'faces of evil' - ITREALMS

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Monday, Fifth Week of Lent B (March 22, 2021) 

Your Daily BlessingMay God grant you the grace of self-awareness and humility. Amen!

Read Dan 13: 1-62; Jn 8:1-11; pray Psalm 23.

NARRATION: Have you ever been in a position of  publicly/privately accusing someone of a crime or sinful action when deep within you, you are keenly aware of what you yourself have done that is evil or sinful without anyone aware of it except yourself and God?

Have you witnessed old men (or women) whose evil actions embarrass you because it demonstrates a certain lack of a sense of shame? In both cases, we witness one of the faces (or colors) of evil in our world.

A newspaper commentator last week pointed out a viral video of a lady who tried to confront a man for sexual assault – she videoed the man shamelessly masturbating beside her (using her as object of arousal) in a public transport! 

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Nobody in that bus raised a voice of objection! Giving examples, he then narrated how our so called exulted offices (public and private), including sacred institutions, reek with abuses of power and privilege, where too often our women are forced to be mere ‘objects’ of our low grade sexual entertainment. And the men who perpetuate this evil often retire nobly as ‘icons’ of our society.
The story of Susana is there to point out to us one of the worst forms of ‘faces of evil’ in our world. The two “old men” (judges) “men, grown old in evil” represent “custodians of sacred moral values” who turn around to destroy the very institution they are supposed to protect. When leaders (sacred and secular) become agents of evil, they do great harm to society. 

Jesus’ handling of the woman caught in adultery (in the Gospel) points to how those who do so much evil in secret, often act like saints in their judgment of others in public. This is another face of evil in our world.  
PRAYER: Dear Lord, you know me through and through. None of my sins is hidden from your all seeing eyes. Help me to be self-aware of my sins to help me be less judgmental of others.

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