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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fr. Ebido: Like Judas, like Nigerian political leaders, urges true repentance - ITREALMS

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Wednesday, Holy Week B (March 31, 2021) 

Your Daily BlessingMay God grant you the grace of true repentance and future of true greatness. Amen!

Read Isaiah 50:4-9; Matt 26:14-25; pray Psalm 69[68].

NARRATION: I wept the day Nigeria was declared the poverty capital of the world; with approximately 200 million people, it overtook India and China both with more than a billion people to feed and provide jobs and means of livelihood. 

Now it has 33 per cent unemployment rate and gunning for number position as the most unsecure country in the world. 

It is heart rending to those of us who live here and know the near infinite potentials that this country has in both human and natural resources to make it the destination capital of the world. 

The simple reason why a country with the potentials to be the pride of the black race is today impoverished is that its leaders are on a squandering spree, except for a marginal few.

They betray the sacred trust of the people they serve for personal gain.

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Like Judas in today’s Gospel, the bad eggs among them only ask, “what shall you give me if I betray my Lord [my people]?” Like Judas, they received their own “30 pieces of silver,” a great sum, in exchange for the lifeblood of their people. 

Like Judas, they too will come to ruin unless they ‘come to their senses’ and repent. Not only ‘titled leaders’ betray sacred trust, but any adults that that fails to model to the young the values that forge good character and build nations.
PRAYER: Dear Lord, as a chosen leader, I have betrayed you and failed the people that look up to me to fight their cause and show good example. Please help me to make amends like Zacheus did. Give me chance to retrace my steps. Amen!

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