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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Opportunities in Biafra by Aliyu Nuhu!

Those that want an independent state of Biafra should know that there are more to do about nation building than making noise and declaring remembrance holidays.

Biafra is a bad case for nationhood. It is as bad for take off as nation as most parts of Nigeria. It is hopelessly underdeveloped without roads or cities. It does not grow any food to support its population. It has no power plants to power growth. 

With present power plants in the country, very few are in Biafra and cannot give enough megawatts to power growth. Of all the refineries in present day Nigeria,none is in the state of Biafra. Biafra has nothing to offer Igbos. 

With all the monies that went to the region, Biafra cannot boost of single motorable highway. Its leaders stagnated and undermined its development. 

It has little space for all,little universities, no rail network,no factories to work,no electricity,even within itself it is the most violent region in terms of armed robbery and insecurity,it has no domestic market to trade within, no seaports to export anything, no airport to fly anywhere. 

In short Biafra in so underdeveloped that its dream is close to insanity. If all Igbos leave the rest of Nigeria and migrate to Biafra,riots and confusion is what will ensue.

Igbos are stuck with Nigeria. The best option is to join forces with the rest of marginalized Nigerians to make Nigeria a better place for all. No state can emerge out of Nigeria and make any economic headway.
Its a fact.

( I have never seen a more ignorant and perverse presentation from an an otherwise very intelligent and informed person).

*Aliyu Nuhu​ wrote in from Lagos where he lives.
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