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Monday, May 29, 2017

Digital IQ for African companies on decline - PwC

The latest PwC’s Global Digital Intelligent Quotient (IQ) survey has shown that African companies IQ has been on decline as enterprises struggle to return value, overlooking fundamental integration of technology with the human experience, reports ITRealms.

Most organisations around the world, ITRealms gathered, have not done enough to keep up with the digital era and leadership is falling short, with many chief executives yet to fully engage in the initiatives of digital transformation.

This is coming despite 10 years of continued investment and commitment from top executives.

African companies match their global peers in many measures of Digital IQ: just over half (52 per cent) rate their organisation’s Digital IQ as strong – a score of 70 per cent or greater. 

However, South African companies stand at risk, with less than half (47 per cent) rating their organisation’s IQ over 70 per cent.

Tielman Botha, Digital Lead for PwC South Africa said, these are some of the highlights from the 10th edition of PwC’s Global Digital IQ survey, with a focus on Africa.

“Digital IQ has a different meaning today than it had when PwC started this research a decade ago. Today, the scope and scale of digital-driven change has grown significantly, and organisations have invested a lot of time and money to keep up.

“Despite notable advances in technology, company leaders are no better equipped to handle the changes coming their way than they were in 2007, according to the survey results,” he said.

ITRealms gathered that Digital IQ is the measurement of an organisation’s ability to harness and profit from technology has actually declined since we began asking executives to self-assess their own organisations, comments Botha. As this year’s survey shows, many companies are grappling with raising their Digital IQ. There is awareness that digital capabilities are a critical component to success, and that emerging technologies have to be explored. But leaders remain challenged by the need to transform their organisations to truly integrate digital into the company’s culture.

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