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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Analytic tools democratise data says Nmonwu

The Regional Director for Sage in West Africa, Magnus Nmonwu, has declared that analytic tools nowadays available for the populace democratizes data, reports ITRealms.

He as speaking in Lagos recently at the IDC CIO Summit series, saying that analytic tools give managers and leaders access to real-time data about the business’s performance on their mobile devices for strategic decision-making. But they also extend data to everyone in the business.  

At an operational level, he said, the combination of big data and machine learning will allow companies to tailor customer and employee experiences to the needs of different segments to optimise sales and productivity.

Paired with the Internet of Things, Mr. Nmonwu advanced analytics and machine learning are bringing about the fourth industrial revolution. Connected devices and sensors, cloud computing, advanced robotics, intelligent software, and a range of other technologies are enabling companies to produce complex products in a smooth, automated process using specialist robots with very little human input.

“In this environment, analytics is used to forecast issues such as machine errors or supply chain interruptions so that quality levels and uptime remain high,” he said.

ITRealms recalls that the Nigerian CIO’s role is about managing the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation and the Internet of Things.

Further, he said that this trend would bring the same level of disruption to old-style industries such as mining, manufacturing and construction as the Internet has already brought to banking, media and retail.

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