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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Taming the powers of Bourdillon

Over the years, I have studied what makes Senator Dino Melaye tick. He is everywhere in the news, somewhere in the news, somehow in the news, somewhat in the news. He is the magic in the news. 

Who is Dino Melaye? 

If anyone tells you the Jarma of Okuta was born with a silver spoon, that person must have been a student of Truth Economics. Otunba Dino Melaye was born into a modest family, attended modest schools but became fervently against injustice from childhood.
His activism against iniquity and injustice made him a frontline students union leader in his days on campus . He was also at daggers drawn against obnoxious and draconian policies on campus. He is a hater of oppression.
Coming out of the university, the young Dino Melaye cut a niche for himself as an unrepentant advocate of anti corruption practices. He has led many battles against corruption and oppression in the society even at the detriment of his life.
His stance against corruption made him a household name in Nigeria and he became a political colossus. 

Dino and his politics 

Having represented the youth of Nigeria and Africa in many international organizations, it was time for Dino to enter into partisan politics.
In 2007, the popular figure won election into the House of Representatives with an unforgettable slogan: Imole De. He changed the political apparatchiki of Okunland when he defeated established political warlords. His pragmatism was irresistibly sweeping. 

In the history of representation in the constituency, Dino Melaye stood out as an unbeatable factor. His soaring influence in the PDP sent fears into the spines of the powers that be in the party, who scuttled his call to return to the House of Representatives for second term. While he defected to the then Action Congress of Nigeria, state powers were deployed against his reelection bid.
Sen. Dino Melaye joined forces with other progressive minded to form the All Progressives Congress which swept the nation like a hurricane. And Dino Melaye won the Kogi West Senatorial Seat against Senator Smart Adeyemi of the PDP and Hon. Sam Aro of Accord Party. 

The Genesis of the Senate battle of wits 

Shortly after the election, the roforofo fight for the soul of the Senate started.
It became obvious that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was rooting for the emergence of Senator Lawan against Senator Bukola Saraki .
As a crusader of social justice, Sen. Dino Melaye felt Tinubu was unfair to Saraki who left PDP with five governors to deliver victory to the APC.
In actual facts, Tinubu is not more of a leader in APC than Saraki. Tinubu lost some state and national parliamentary seats to the opposition while Saraki won all for APC. Two, Saraki sponsored the party in many states, including Kogi State. When he was sponsoring APC,  he was not painted with corruption but as soon as he became the Senate President against the graphing of some arrogant Powers, the CCB suddenly woke up from its stupor to fight a political war.
We can’t take away Tinubu’s contribution to the return of the nation to the path of democracy. But Saraki contributed more than Tinubu to the enthronement of Buhari.
The resoluteness of the Senate to stand by Saraki is plausible and commendable.
The Remi Misdemeanor 

The recent display of arrogance by Senator Remi Tinubu is a negative mark on women in position of authorities. It is therefore not surprising that many women groups across the country have come out to condemn the action of the Goddess of Bourdillon.
Remi failed to spot the difference between the Senate and Bourdillon and has therefore constituted herself into the punching gloves of her husband on the floor.
That Sen. Dino Melaye stood up to Remi at the Senate showed that Tinubu doesn’t own Nigeria. That he walked and single handedly occupied Bourdillon Street showed that Tinubu doesn’t even own Lagos.
The national condemnation of Remi Tinubu and his vindictive husband has taught us all a big lesson that control has limitation. The designer of automobile was wise enough to put a brake. Those who fail to apply the brake ends up Tinuburized.
When Jagaban jammed Jarma, the nation shook to its foundation. Not everyone is like Fashola who kept speaking grammar when the arrogant Powers felt he was becoming too powerful in Lagos and started victimizing him.
Dino is no Fashola. When Obesere sang Egungun be careful, he knew that any masquerade that fails to respect its limits will have its veil removed. Tinubu is no more a masquerade. So he is human after all!
If Remi is someone’s mother, Dino too is someone’s father. Respect is reciprocal. Enough is enough! 

*Achiever Peters sent in this from Abuja

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