Monday, July 11, 2016

Hard net neutrality rules take root in 50 countries - Report

Hard net neutrality rules have taken root in some 50 countries even though soft rules are proven to work better to support investment and innovation, reports ITRealms.

The latest report by Strand Consult and made available to ITRealms suggested that there is a portrait of the fight for hard net neutrality regulation by ‘Save the Internet and other internet activists.’

The chief executive of Strand Consult, Mr. John Strand defined countries that use hard rules (legislation and regulation) have a lower rate of “edge provider” innovation created in the given country.

This, he told ITRealms, contradicts what supporters of net neutrality have claimed in making the rules, that an open internet is needed to support innovation from so-called “edge providers.”

“In countries with hard rules, the rate of local or native innovation declines once rules are put in place, but American internet companies such as Google and Netflix take a greater share of so-called edge innovation, crowding out locally made innovation,” he said.

In contrast, Mr. Strand noted that countries with soft rules or even no rules in some cases have a higher rate of locally-developed content and applications, stressing that it is an important point for countries that wish to support their native industries that hard net neutrality rules may be ill-advised. 

Strand Consult also shared knowledge and offers a free 40 page report detailing how sophisticated global coalitions such as Save the Internet have succeeded to overwhelm seemingly “independent” telecom regulators and implement hard rules.

The report equally noted that the following now upholds in the industry namely on “Why the sudden shift from soft to hard net neutrality regulation, Activism as an Industry, Digital Prostitution: The value proposition activists offer their funders and the tools and techniques of transnational activism.

In addition, the report underscored the franchise model of Save the Internet, how to capture regulators with automated emails and petitions, why telecom operators are losing the net neutrality battle.

ITRealms recalls that Strand Consult’s goal is to bring transparency to the net neutrality debate and to demonstrate how well-funded, sophisticated global campaigns have succeeded to make hard net neutrality rules in the United States, European Union, India, and other countries. 

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