Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Digital news ‘expires’ says Italian Supreme Court

An Italian Supreme Court has ruled that digital news have a life span of 24 months ‘expiration date,’ reports ITRealms.

According to court, news expires after two years, which could be described as the worst digital security guide on the web.
A ruling by the Italian Supreme Court due insist that news do “expire” after which this duration, online archives could be deleted.
The right to report information has an expiry date just like milk, yogurt or a pint of ice cream. That’s essentially the summarized, non-technical version of the of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation ruling 13161, which held on June 24 maintaining that a 2013 decision by the Court of Chieti at Ortona (Abruzzo Region).
ITRealms gathered that the case originated when the owners of a restaurant decided that they no longer would accept that a news piece reporting on a legal case in which they were involved was accessible online from the archives of Primadanoi.it, a local news website of the Abruzzo region.
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