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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Olashore launches Podcast for students

The Olashore International School has introduced podcast for students preparing for final year examinations to assist them improve on international subjects especially in their further studies, reports ITRealms

Revealing this, the school principal, Mr D. K. Smith said at the recent speech and prize giving day celebration, at Illoko-Ijesha, Osun State, that currently, the Olashore have lots of projects on-going.

This year, he said, the school involved technology by introducing iPads for learning, stressing that they have that for the teachers and for students so that by 2016 they will be familiar with the system of working with the iPads. Pointing out that in the senior classes, they already introduced Podcast for students offering IGSCE subjects which is anticipated to help them improve on international subjects.

"The Podcast is used in variety of ways. For example, the podcast is online so whether they are in school or at home they can use it. We recommend the teachers to give them the playlist of podcast of various topics in various subject, so they can read up in advance. It is similar to the playlists that all these young people use. It can also be used in form of videos such that the teachers can use them for introduction of a topic in classrooms during lessons. Blending technology with learning is highly effective and will give students from Olashore International School a strong competitive advantage in the new competitive global economy,” he explained.

The guest speaker at the 2015 Speech and Prize Giving Day event, Dr. Yemi Ogunbiyi, while dwelling on ‘The Challenges of the Future’ underlined the importance of superior knowledge and creative thinking in order to excel in the new world order.

"Today’s prize-winners are true representatives of the best that this school stands for: hard-work, commitment to excellence, good manners, industry, integrity, self-motivation and a sense of service to others. And for those of you who would not be receiving prizes today, I urge you not to give up. You must look forward to new opportunities and the adventures awaiting all of you” he said.

ITRealms reports that the best prize winner in this year’s event was Miss Mofiyinfoluwa Okupe, a 16-year old girl and Media Prefect who clinched awards in 9 subjects, x-rayed her feelings as the best awardee. 

Reacting, she said it’s a very satisfying feeling being one of the awardees and specifically the best awardee. 

“I feel happy and fulfilled and I feel humbled because I recognize that it’s not my efforts alone that brought me here. It’s a combined effort of my teachers, my friends, and of course God. There’s a lot of hard work and dedication involved, a lot of midnight self -readings and group readings because no man is an Island. Olashore School keeps you going, doesn’t allow you to just be complacent. The School community as a whole, encourages dedication and steadfast work.

According to her, the younger students should be focused, stressing that they should not allow themselves to be side-tracked by unnecessary side attractions. 

“So focus, hard work, and of course keeping God in all your plans and studies is what I preach to them” she advised.

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