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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Breaking News: It will take PDP 30 years to unseat APC - Joe Igbokwe

The publicity secretary of the All Progress Congress (APC) in Lagos State Mr Joe Igbokwe has said that it will take the People's Democratic Party (PDP) another 30 years to unseat APC from the federal government, reports ITRealms.

Mr. Igbokwe made this disclosure in a dictum to his forthcoming book "The Fall of PDP And The Lessons" saying that members of PDP should stop crying over spilled milk, but rather roll up their sleeves and go to work 24 by seven days in a week to begin the process of rebuilding their battered and badly humiliated party.

“If it took APC sixteen years to defeat PDP it may take 30 years for PDP to unseat APC because they do not have the discipline, creativity, ideas, knowledge, capacity, capability, discipline, commonsense, courage, competence, determination and the zeal to pursue the business of opposition,” he declared.

As said by him, the book will be an archive of the past 10 years collected on the subject matter in anticipation that PDP will go down one day. 

He claimed extensive reading on the subject and as a participant, Igbokwe said he saw it all and witnessed all the drama. 

The fall of PDP in Nigeria, Igbokwe said, is a big story and a 1,000 page book will not be enough to tell the full story. 

The APC publicist pointed out that in the fullness of time, Nigerians will know how arrogance, impunity, greed, corruption, brigandage, ethnic politics, religious politics, abuse of power, selfishness, foolishness, mediocrity, laziness, political irresponsibility, power without responsibility, politics without principle, incompetence, illiteracy, among others led to the fall of the self-acclaimed biggest party in Africa.

“Without grace, honor, integrity, PDP leaders and their cronies carelessly and hopelessly released cartons of information and materials that not only helped to nail their party but also helped historians to return to their studies to document history for posterity and generations yet unborn,” he said.

Emphasising that shortly after the Presidential and Governorship elections, PDP started crying too early that APC is planning to vitiate their little gains in the just concluded elections. 

“On one hand they tell the world that they will bounce back and in another, they tell the same world that APC wants to create a one party state. How are the mighty fallen? Is this not the party that claimed they will rule Nigeria for 60years?” he asked.

Chief Ogbulafor, a former PDP National Chairman who made the above ruling for 60 years statement, he said, was the first to run to APC alongside others, pleading to be admitted into the fold. 

“… They have been told to go and rebuild their party, after all the drivers and movers of APC have been in opposition for 16years now,” Igbokwe insisted.


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Pix: Joe Igbokwe  - APC Publicity Secretary for Lagos State

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