Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Cloud computing, essential for IT enterprises – Takang

The chief executive officer of Alteq.Ict Nigeria Limited, Dr. Armstrong Takang, has said that cloud computing is essential for enterprise in the Information Technology (IT) sector of the economy.

Speaking at the just concluded 10th international conference of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Dr. Takang told audience at the event that cloud computing is a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software.

He defined cloud computing as an updated version of utility computing involving virtual servers over the internet.

He explained that cloud computing is changing the IT landscape in ways that were previously unimagined both in demand and supply.

“Considering the speed of adoption of cloud computing globally, Nigeria Information Technology (IT) stakeholders must move swiftly to embrace and indeed invest in cloud computing to avoid being left behind in this newly found technology,” he advised.

Takang also listed global organisation that have invested in cloud computing such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Web services to name a few, adding that cloud computing is expensive but still the best technology in recent times.

He said that cloud computing is divided into three, namely the private, public and hybrid cloud respectively.

“With cloud computing, the software programmes one uses aren’t run from one’s personal computer, but are rather stored on servers accessed via the Internet. If a computer crashes, the software is still available for others to use and same goes for the documents one creates, they’re stored on a collection of servers accessed via the Internet,” he said.

He stressed that anyone with permission could not only access the documents, but also edit and collaborate on those documents in real time.

“Customers of IT products and services are likely to be the greatest beneficiaries of cloud computing,” he submitted.

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