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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starcomms launches new slogan

Starcomms Plc has unveiled new marketing communications campaign that re-affirms its customers as the core of its business interest with the slogan “listen to the network that is listening to you.”

Chief commercial officer of Starcomms, Mr. Tushar Maheshwari disclosed this last weekend, saying that the operator has innovatively crafted the new campaign to be a corporate philosophy, the new slogan is a campaign that has been embedded into the business and work style of all Starcomms personnel, cutting across all staff levels.

The new marketing campaign, he also said, is an expression of the value that Starcomms places on his customers noting that this is not just a campaign that will be there for a few months or a year.

“It is a campaign that will be imbibed by all Starcomms personnel and thereby becomes a philosophy in our work ethics, particularly in how we respond to the needs of our customers,” he said.

Describing the new campaign as a brand refreshing concept, he said that Starcomms as a brand has been in the mindset of telecoms service consumers for a long time, and enjoys significant awareness in their mind.

He stressed that it is as a result of the many innovative and customer friendly products and services Starcomms has introduced into the market in the past.

Maheshwari however observed that the new campaign, which is meant to refresh the mind of the consumer about the value of the Starcomms brand, is not a rebranding of Starcomms saying that the Starcomms brand is a brand that inspires every consumer to be passionate about it.

For instance, he said that “many customers are passionate about the philosophy of the talking drum, and that is part of “we speak your language” campaign, adding that “the new campaign does not take away the philosophy of the talking drum. It still remains relevant today as it was yesterday.”

He said that “the campaign is the result of a study that was conduct long ago, whereby it was revealed that Starcomms is indeed a brand that listens to the consumer. And when the result came we felt that it was time for us to introduce a new campaign to re-vitalized the brand and to re-invent the brand by adding to what the brand already have and thereby take it forward.”

According to him, a Nigerian singer, Nneka, will be the face of the brand in the new campaign, which will feature in newspaper, billboard and fliers across the country stating that the new campaign cuts across every sector of the society.

He said that the campaign is key to Starcomms desire to meet the needs of its customers stressing that that hence, every personnel in the company has been taken through the theme of the campaign so that they will know how to listen to the consumer when the need arises.

He further said that the new campaign is a demonstration of the innovativeness of Starcomms in the industry stating that “we have had a lot of campaign in the industry which has been spearheaded by us.

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