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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OLD DATA MODEM: Why Starcomms is trading-in

Some facts have emerged at the weekend, on why one of the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators in the country, Starcomms Plc announced a trade-in of its old data modems in exchange for new ones.

ITRealms Online recalled that Starcomms, last week proclaimed that for data subscribers on its network desirous of seamless and fast internet browsing with a sleek top-of-the-range modem, the company is now offering an exchange service in which they could trade in any old internet modems for new ones on network.

ITRealms Online also gathered with this plan, Starcomms would be receiving old modems of any kind bought previously and replace them with Starcomms iZAP modem for half its current price. Investigations by ITRealms Online revealed that surge of anticipated competition may have driven the latest move by the CDMA operator to ask for trade in.

This, industry observers said could be in anticipation that broadband market expected to unwrap from middle of this year could be depleted, hence the operator wanted to cling on to its subscriber-base on data.

ITRealms Online recalls that last quarter of 2009 saw the much publicized landing of Glo 1 and by June, Main One Cable is billed to touch ground on Nigerian soil.

Both cables, experts said would escalate provision of broadband internet to the populace and in fact crash prices.

Obviously in expectation that this could be a boom any time soon, Starcomms wanted to reclaim its market, especially for those who may have fallen off its customer base because of one reason or the other, mostly on quality of service and customer relation.

It was not unforeseen to see Starcomms coming through the trade in door to reharness its data subscribers knowing fully well that once Glo and Main One announce prices, those operators without directly own cables will witness a cut on data subscriber-base

Hence, Starcomms rolled out the drums last week to announce the trade in of its data modem.

According to Tushar Maheshwari, Starcomms Chief Commercial Officer, Internet subscribers in the country who may have been using their lower grade or old models of modems could upgrade now to Starcomms iZAP, which he described as an enhanced version of Rev. A EvDo internet Universal Serial Bus (USB) modems, at an affordable rate. The offer, Maheshwari described as incredible offer was made so that Nigerians could experience the best of Starcomms iZAP.

“It’s revolutionizing broadband internet connectivity in Nigeria. Data subscribers now have the opportunity to move up to the upgraded version of 3G Rev. a broadband internet facility,” he said, stressing that Starcomms has stocked state-of-the-art devices to meet the yearnings of people in the area of internet access. The modem trade-in offer, Maheshwari said, is not limited to any particular device.

“Subscribers can exchange PCIMCIA cards, USB modems or Express cards for the sleek New Starcomms iZAP USB Rev.A modems from world class manufacturers,” he said.

Pointing out that these modems could be used with any computer and are in plug-and-play mode without any need for complicated installation. He explained that by upgrading to Starcomms award winning internet services brand iZAP, subscribers would be able to enjoy high speed internet experience as high as 3.1 mega bits per second (mbps) in an ideal condition and flexibility in access plan as well as in payment options.

Starcomms chief executive officer, Mr. Maher Qubain, was also quoted as saying that they consider data services very important and were aware of the yearnings of people to get the most effective data service available.

“Starcomms prides itself in the culture of bringing world class innovative products and services to its subscribers at affordable prices as a continuing business strategy,” he said, maintaining that it has been the operator’s plan to make the best of broadband internet access available to everybody on the network.

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