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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chams explains expansion

The management of Chams Plc has explained its position in delving into building of large-scale infrastructure, especially for delivery of efficient and reliable identification solutions within the reach of every Nigerian.

Stating this during a visit by the firm to National Identity Management Commission, the Managing Director, Chams Plc., Mr. Demola Aladekomo, said they, as a long-time partner of NIMC, would want to make certain the partnership with the commission remains a success.

This, he said, informed the decision by the firm to build several sites where Nigerians could easily find solution to their identity needs.

He recalled that Chams Plc is one of the two firms that are expected to implement the registration of Nigerians in a new national identity card scheme of the federal government.

The firm is currently developing and deploying various infrastructure which fit into the identity projects of the government.

As said by him, these projects are ChamsCity sites, which consist of several hundreds of computers that possess identity applications including biometrics. The firm, he said, is also deploying 40,000 point-of-transaction terminals which also have provisions to do human data capture.

Additionally, he noted, Chams has built a card production plant in Abuja, which is reputed to be the largest in the world, given its capacity to produce a million cards daily.

Mr. Aladekomo said at the end of 2009, the infrastructure being put together by Chams could handle the registration of 7,000 individuals at the same time and also offer other services to users.

Stressing that once work had been completed in the other sites being planned, the data capture capacity of the firm would be greatly enhanced.
Chairman, Chams Plc, Prof. Adebayo Akinde said at the occasion that the firm had identified the new Identity (ID) card project as one of great importance to Nigeria, stressing that it was very critical to the country’s success.
Pointing out that Chams would give the project the very best to ensure its success.
Meanwhile it was gathered weekend that more new ChamsCity sites are nearing completion and the development could see Chams Plc commissioning additional five of such locations across various cities in the country before the end of 2009.
Presently, the firm has two Chamscity locations in Lagos and Abuja with each of the locations has 1024 computers and have been identified as well as certified as the largest digital malls in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Chamscity locations are purpose-built sites that serve as one stop shops for various use including internet café, large-scale data processing, recruitment testing, human resource development, professional examinations and computer-based competition and games.

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