Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MWeb introduces Hughes 7740 with VoIP

MWEB Nigeria has announced the introduction of Hughes HNS 7740 with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The new modem, according to Mrs. Muyiwa Esomojumi in a press statement, said it would allow customers to make point-to-point calls free, that is, interbranch calls are free; which is outside the data transmission they would be conducting.

The VoIP and data transmission, she also said, could be done simultaneously.
Stressing that the clarity and one dial features of the VAP makes it easy for clients on MWeb to conduct their businesses with ease and peace of mind.

“Our promise of being solutions provider is a major part of the VoIP launch; we want to see our customers grow in their businesses and we want that done using the barest minimum of investment,” she declared.

As said by her, MWEB Nigeria is gradually changing the way internet business is being provided to customers by giving value for money and ensuring that customers could rely on the firm in regards to their daily operations.

“We do the worrying and allow them to go to sleep; being rest assured that MWEB is in control of their business,” she said.

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