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Friday, March 16, 2007

Starcomms surpasses growth projections

Management of on the Unified License Operators (ULO) in Nigeria, Starcomms Limited, has said that the telco’s growth in subscriber base surpassed its projections, with subscription base of about 490,000 towards the end of last quarter of 2006.

Starcomms, acclaimed to have pioneered the mobile broadband data access service based on Evolution-Data Optimized (EVDO), said it has consolidated its position as the country’s largest Code Division Multiple Access Third Generation (CDMA 3G) mobile network, with subscription base nearing the half million mark.

Commercial Director at Starcomms, Mr. Prakash Pantham, said that this is coming against the backdrop of indications that the company, which commenced operations in 1990, has surpassed its growth projections in the 2006 operating year.

He also said, an insight into the company’s performance in last year showed that at midyear the subscriber base had reached over 250,000, and with an estimated growth rate of two per cent, the figure had increased to over 490,000 towards the end of last year.

According to him, this was made possible, due to heavy investment the telco made in new technologies and systems; innovative and aggressive pricing of mobile phones and tariffs, all meant to ensure that customers enjoy real value for their money.

He assured that quality customer service delivery, unparalleled product and service innovations, have remained the company’s defining features.

“We are indeed pleased by our achievements so far, although not surprised,” he said.

Mr. Pantham pointed out that Starcomms has established itself as a network effectively tooled to serve the interest of its subscribers.

“If you look at our products and value added services, there is no doubt about our quest to surpass expectations,” Pantham said.

He further noted that the telco invested millions in new technologies and innovations last year, even as he confirmed, that the essence was to build a solid network for voice and data to be available for all categories of subscribers.

“We’re not only doing something special, we want to take it to a new level each year," he asserted.

He emphasised that the Starcomms’ EVDO, launched in February last year, is the mobile wide area wireless service commercially available today with download speeds of 300-600 kilo bytes per second (kbps), with peak carrier capacity of 2.4 Mega bytes per second (Mbps).

He explained that with the EVDO, based on advanced Third Generation CDMA wireless technology, and acknowledged to be a revolution in technology advancement, have true mobile broadband access to the Internet, intranet, and e-mail.

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