Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vmobile new billing system to offer faster recharge

*More options

This Vmobile said, is in order to give customers better service offerings, especially on faster recharge and more language options.

Chief Executive Officer, Vmobile Nigeria, Mr. Willem Swart, said the upgrade to a new prepaid billing system would facilitate the company choice to deliver faster air-time recharging and flexible pricing of products and services to suit the specific needs of customers.

“It will also allow us to implement more language options for the additional convenience of our customers when they call our customer care line to make enquiries,” he said.

Mr. Swart also said other features of the new billing system are personalised product and service offerings as well as facilitating a range of new services that increase customer satisfaction.

According to him, this would make it possible for Vmobile to provide better services, and making use of the mobile phone would become an enjoyable experience for its subscribers.

He cited an instance, that the new prepaid billing system would allow Vmobile to deliver customer care services in the English language and four other local languages namely, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and Pidgin.

The telco further said the upgrade would end on May 8, 2006. Just as Vmobile said that some customers may experience disruption of service during the period of this year’s upgrade and appealed to such customers for their understanding and cooperation.

The system upgrade is being done in phases between midnight and 6am, he said, stressing that is when call traffic is low in order to minimize its impact on our valued customers.

Some customers may experience challenges in making calls, sending or receiving Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Services (MMS). We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience the upgrade may cause,” Mr. Swart appealed.

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