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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NetnearU signs MoU with Intel on WiMax

IN order to increase the wireless internet access penetration with Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax), leading wireless Internet access service provider, NetnearU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Intel Corporation in Lagos to deploy WiMax nationwide.

This is coming as Intel has reassured local assemblers of Personal Computers (PCs) in the country of its improved partnership support.

WiMax is a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).

Vice President, Intel Corporation, Dr. John Davies, who stood in for his firm gave this assurance and said that WiMax has been made available to the public over a year by the firm.

He also said that Intel is keen on opening the market through enabling connectivity by mainstreaming its base stations deployment.

Describing Nigeria as a veritable market place, Dr. Davies said, that was the reason behind Intel’s opening of its West African office in Lagos, last week.

He further said Intel would work with local PC assemblers, even as it has commenced partnership with the Nigerian government and some organizations in the areas of ‘Teach to the future’ project, connecting communities and driving digital content.

He used the opportunity to activate the newly deployed 300 hotspots by NetnearU, thus bringing the number of hotspots by the company to 327.

Explaining the MoU, Managing Director, NetnearU, Mr. Kaycee Kennedy, said it would avail Intel to provide hardware solutions to tackle the challenges faced in deployment of computers in the country, like the issue of affordability, and reaching out to rural areas.

Also, Mr. Kennedy, said his firm is expected to benefit by way of receiving advice on WiMax deployment, while the two firms are to collaborate on projects such as Computer for All Nigerians Initiative (CANI), Wireless Without Worry (WOW) and rural connectivity.

On the other hand, NetnearU, is to provide broadband Internet connectivity, using appropriate technology including WiMax to homes, schools and offices in the country, while also exploring other opportunities of collaboration with Intel, even as the MoU is to lower the cost of WiMax deployment for internet access nationwide.

He said corporate individuals and organizations who signed on the NetnearU hotspots would get a flexible and cost convennent chance to own Hewlett Packard (HP) NX6110 Celeron or Centrino business notebook, equipped with Globacom’s Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-enabled Internet cards.

Stressing that apart from these laptops on offer, it is bundled with two years warranty, Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) capability and insurance policy that cover theft, loss and fire.

Some of the NetnearU hotspot in the country include NetnearU café, Chocolat Royale, Barcelos, Dolphin Estate, Astro Turf 2000, Irrua, NTA stations in Benin, Ibadan, Kaduna and all Chicken Republic outlets, as well as Federal Housing Authority Estate, Alexandar Café and NIIT Abuja respectively.

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